What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


How so? at least in comparison to the bracer there isnt any other reason to use a Pyra over a bracer except for rarity reasons, You are sacrificing 40 hp for 60 MP, 2 att, and 2 def, thats one hell of a trade, even if you dont care about mp (Warrior with max divine pet for example) trading 40 HP for 2 att and 2 def is still an upgrade seemingly simply, at least in my eyes


exaggerated. warrior with max rare pet actually is enough.


oh alright, well fair enough, never played warrior for an extended amount of time, so i really wouldnt know


also about max rare pet being enough, that is assuming you have max wis


Gemstone in my opinion isnt very good majority of the times. Running around with 700hp as an 8/8 scares me. Crown is ok, but it sacrifices hp for dps, which is a decent trade, but sometimes you dont need more dps. bracer is ok, but it lacks tankyness still, def doesnt do crap in dungeons like tomb and shats. So that extra hp is prefered, and this was all comparing to pyra.

Ehh, i could go more into this, but i dont care that much for this kind of discussions.

Get @shatter to you, he doesnt use his shatter rings.


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@RMGnoob [quote=“Trillum, post:98, topic:596”]
Pyra is another example. It’s not as good as any of the Shatters rings



Gemstone is either insanely situational or completely useless, depending on who you ask (and most people will give you the second answer).

Bracer is extremely good, but not every class needs 60 Mp.

Crown can be really good, but having no Def on your ring can be a bit risky, for example on Robe classes.

What makes Pyra so good is that it gives you the only 3 stats everyone really cares about, while still giving a decent amount of Hp.

2 more Def isn’t going to make that much of a difference, especially not if you’re running endgame content. I mean, if you’re on a robe class with Gsorc, Pyra already brings you almost at capped damage reduction for 50 damage shots, and gives you 40 more Hp to survive everything else.

So if you don’t care about Mp, you’re mostly trading 40 Hp for 2 more Atk. That’s a trade you can make, but it’s not necessarily optimal.


I wasn’t saying Pyra is bad. I was saying that it could in fact be the most overpowered UT, since even though it’s not as good as the Shatters rings (quoting myself here), it’s a much more common item, and when you add rarity to the equation, it makes Pyra the best. Even though it’s not as good, it’s much more common and still very useful.

Now to defend my statement about it.

Gemstone isn’t very useful for much classes, but for the classes it’s useful on, it’s REALLY useful.
Crown is a much better choice than Pyra, since you get an even higher HP bonus and so much more dps.
Bracer is basically a Pyra, but with less hp. Sacrificing only 40 hp, you gain 60 MP, and 2 extra atk and def. The only classes where a Pyra is better than Bracer are classes that really don’t need mana (or if you just have an overpowered mheal pet).

But, since Pyra is a much more common ring than the shatters ones and almost just as useful, it qualifies to be the most OP.


but like i said, sometimes you dont care about dps, such as when rushing. [quote=“Trillum, post:110, topic:596”]
Sacrificing only 40 hp, you gain 60 MP, and 2 extra atk and def.

also when you dont care about mp (lots of the times), as well as when atk doesnt matter (a large portion of the time actually, eg. when rushing/even doing such as O2, the dmg treshold is like 1000dmg)[quote=“Trillum, post:110, topic:596”]
But, since Pyra is a much more common ring than the shatters ones and almost just as useful, it qualifies to be the most OP.



That is exactly true. We can all agree that Pyra is most similar to the Bracer. Some classes need extra mana, others don’t. And it also depends on the other items you use. If you are a Knight and you have a Resu equipped, then you already have a lot more Mana and therefore Pyra would work better. If you are a pally and you have an Oreo, you really don’t need any mana increases because of the cooldown. Pyra is also a much more preferred choice over Bracer because it’s more common, and you can get it back easily if you die.

Whether or not Bracer actually beats Pyra is largely factored on classes, gear, and pets.


Really depends what you’re doing on them.

For example I stopped using Gemstone on Assa because I was using my Dagger too much and needed the Hp to go deeper. And I’m not using it on Knight for basically the same reason.

Again, having less Def can make some situations tricky. I know I’d feel a lot less comfortable rushing Tombs or WCs on robe classes with only 38 Def.

Bracer is an Expo that hit the gym every day for at least a year. Replaced useless Vit with Atk.

It’s more polyvalent than Pyra, but that’s also why it feels wasted on some classes, whereas Pyra goes with everything.


Once again, I’m not saying Pyra is bad. I’m saying that it’s the most overpowered UT because of it being more common than the others and still being just as useful.

I will agree that Pyra is much better than Gemstone. It’s useful on only a few classes that still could use much better rings. Crown is very useful, but only gives bonuses to 2 stats, one of which isn’t always useful. Bracer is a well-rounded ring, but in my own opinion, it is more useful on unmaxed classes than maxed classes, which is sort of ironic since it’s very rare and shouldn’t be risked on unmaxed chars.


Dblade. It’s a warriors EP and he can buff his attack speed with his helm XD and you don’t need to sit on them to do max damage



Higher range, larger spread (able to get at least 1 shot in almost everything in front of you). Not sure if it qualifies being an ST.


i was going to put down pixie but it isn’t a UT. And it is also pink


Scammy is the most op UT in the game, it buffs all your stats it’s just insane :^)


In that case, wouldn’t the America Ring also be most OP?


In my opinion, Jugg is the most op because it raises survivability so much while keeping the berserk buff. Also, unlike oreo, it doesnt have a huge cooldown for the armored status effect. Sadly, I have never gotten a jugg … ;-;