What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


The most op uts are:

Because its COMPLETELY replaces every other scepter.


I had it when it had the massive fire rate glitch thing when I was a noob and for ages thought it was the most op weapon in the game


Y’all are stupid.
The 2 most OP itens in the game by far are Crown(As in admin crown) and Strike Amulet, no doubt.
(You didn’t say no to admin items :3)


And kendo


kendo is not ut so this meme docent work, sorry about that.


aka uve been hunting for a while


So, since Doku got nerfed, time to see which of the UTs is good now.

Crystal Wand imo. It has crazy damage output compared to the other wands at 30 def and onward.
Yeah, it doesn’t pierce which sucks, but it’s still damn good.


Did you quit?


why did you even ask for peoples opinions if you where just gonna shoot them down… srsly if you think ogmur is the most op then go for it but if your gonna ask a question respect an opposing opinion ffs. On that know… not many things have enough def to matter if ogmur breaks especially for melee class which ironicly is on a knight, so you do what an extra 20,40 damage per shot compared to 1.5x att from a helm. Jugg is the most op because you take a char and give them 136 def and a dps of 5k+ thats op/game breaking, only challenged to the oreo which last only like 1.4 seconds .-. with jugg you have insane offense, and insane defense aka you do all the damage and receive little to none.


Everyone is saying things like huff and Imgur and other event whites, but most people don’t get those for like 5 years, instead I think something like planeswalker, which is really easy to get, has the same stats as tiered cloaks and the tricksters ability, is much better


This here is by far the best UT in the game.


Stop stealing my prof pic …


nice bump tho


Present wand




Acrop is insanely OP I mean it it even says it’s INDESTRUCTIBLE in the description of it


It may be indestructible but it certainly doesn’t make the player.


lel deca plz fix


Ah but you see it doesn’t need fixing! Armor doesn’t cover the whole body. Ghost gods can like, chew on your legs or somethin’


That’s why you hide in the acrop like a turtle


I’m guessing that’s a 50 spd penalty