What is the most overpowered UT in the game?


This where the ring pop and snake skin shield come into play


That doesn’t help if you are turtling it up. I don’t think so anyway…


It’s actually going to be a new class the hermit, you just fire shields from inside your shell that is the acrop. But you have to stop to fire but your otherwise invincible.


Pre-lost halls crown most op
Post-LH idk i think thers stonger shit
cough the quiver cough



is the bow really that good?


Too OP on test chest bosses


Isn’t anything OP on those?


If everything is OP, nothing is OP. The concept of overpoweredness is purely relative.


oml u should be the new confucius that is gold


I think I remember hearing something like that in a movie.

If everyone is super.


yes yes, it’s like saying:
if everyone is special, then everybody is the same. if everybody is the same, then nobody’s special!

that’s why I went with the

why is it so OVERPOWERED?
It does 130-155 damage in one shot. It shoots 4 shots. One downside is that you need to shoot backwards, but with a tiny bit of practice, slap this on a mystic and get that berserk because you’re going to be doing a shit ton of damage. who cares if you shoot half rate? i mean, it still outdamages everything! (of course, unless pfiffel’s dps calc is wrong :angry:)

##sorry bro, acrop isn’t UT.


It works so well on mystic too! It goes with orbs like a charm <3


Snake Eye Ring, WTF OP


I would play this class.



i mean, i realized that he meant indestructable



The best answer to people dragging on you is Doku. I fondly remember an ice cave where it was just me and some hacking huntress who kept trying to kill me. Then I dc’d during the chest. So wifi router is most OP is guess.


hurr durr
the most overpowered UT is undoubtably crystal skull


Oh wow I just got one like 5 minutes ago wtf