What is this character slot problem?!


what is this problem, all my other characters r mystic lv20 with empty white boxes… HELPPP


Try restarting your game


Why do I get the feeling that this is just one elaborate flex?


As if having 8 decas is a flex to any half decent player.


Sorry, mate. 8 Decas is a lot for me, but I still do think it’s good to be kind and give what little you have to friends and even random players. I do wish I was better at the game.


I’ve only ever had 3 decas at a time but I consider myself to be half decent. You might think I’m trash, but before you judge here’s my RealmEye this might not change anything, but who cares. Also have a 4/4 necro that I haven’t logged in on for a while


it’s a joke