What items should my paladin have?


Title says it, never played a paladin and am making one now, what items should I farm for? I have cutlass, stone sword, sickle, acclaim, csword, dblade, gcookie, sseal, fplate, kamashimo, aegis armor, and pyra


I like the white bag sword from Ancient Ruins. Especally for a pala witj little less def the range is good (same as ASS). Gcookie works great, but I’m playing with mentioned sword plus three items from the cland pala set (could not find pixie yet). The seal does not heal, but has a great def boost and nice stats (+5def, +9atk, +9wis) and so i got from the set some extra boni (+50hp, +50mp, +4def, +4atk).

Did not play paladin much in the past, but this one really makes fun. And some day I learbned how to play in melee, too. :smiley:


sword: sickle, dblade, and cutlass, no need for acclaim with those two and sickle is direct upgrade to A.S.S if you don’t mind the wavy shots. Maybe csword too if you really want the extra 0.25 tile range
seal: gcookie and sseal
armor: fplate as main armor, aegis for dps swapout
ring: really hard decision bc you gave a lot of choices, but I would go with pyra


Lol :sweat_smile:! The reason I have the swords is F L E X


Use Dblade/Sickle. Those 2 swords will cover everything you need (rapier may be nice but not necessary). For armor, I would run with aegis personally. For ring, Pyra works (Cultist ring if you have Oreo).

For seals, I strongly suggest you get the ST seal. It makes you as tanky as a knight when you use it, and it has a passive +9 attack bonus which shoots you up to near warrior levels of damage. The new seal from The Third Dimension is also nice to have. Oreo is of course the best seal to get. Those are the swapouts I try to run (I generally only carry a slow seal on me if I plan to do fungals, if not I just use Oreo + ST seal)


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