What Oryxmas weapons are good?


Which of the new weapons are good?


The Katana is more like a Colo Sword. It strongly competes with Sadamune until 19 Defence (well for a Samurai). But, Kusanagi beats CKatana completely.


Oryxmas sword is godly


Indeed. Pixie for high def enemies.


I’ve heard so, definitely first one I’ll get


i’d like to know too since wiki doesn’t have any info and i’m having a tough time deciding which one i wanna unlock from the tinkerer

i have the impression they’re all good though


Mobile makes me want to end myself. It also beats claymore everywhere I think
Beats colo at 53 def so most endgame bosses d:


Wand is ass.
Sword is top tier- not only does the damage rival pixie, but the shot pattern is also nicer to work with and the way the shots sit still for a bit is very useful.
Katana is good- rivals T13, and has more range + a pattern that swoops from left to right near the end, making hitting your shots very easy


A guildie told me that the bow was op


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