What server should I start playing on?


Well, since I am brazilian and I live in Brazil, i play on USS3. I play there since I started, but now it seems that the player base is going down really fast, what server do you guys think I should be playing from now on?


Whichever server you go to when you select the ‘best server’ option is the server you should play on normally, because that server will be the closest to wherever you live. I know one or two of the USS servers are in Brazil, so you are probably fine where you are

I just realized you might mean you are looking for a more populated server. Try the other USS servers, or maybe the USE servers


US West 2


USS seems pretty populated. Although events tend to make it unplayable normally. USS2 might be a good choice in that case.

aka pretty much what campfires said lol.


USW 1 2 and 3 are all pretty populated in realms, even during events. USE is pretty populated but during events it dies down


I didn’t know that, but yeah USS3 is the fastest server for me, USS2 second. Do you remember where the location for each server was published? I recall seeing it somewhere a long time ago. I don’t think a server called “United States South” being located in Brazil makes much sense though.



Small disclaimer it looks like this one is a little older since it doesn’t include the Aus server. I think some of the servers were moved around a little bit at some point (or maybe not) but this should generally be where the servers are


Do they know South America exists?
By this logic I guess all EU servers should be called “USEast” too then. /r/crappydesign


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