What should I do when my area has no power? Help asap


So I know that my area is going to how a power outage because they are trying to reduce the risk of wild fires (Also I can predict the future woah) so what should I do?

Please try to tell me before I lose power because I will also lose wifi.


Download some videos on your phone or laptop so you can watch them offline


play minecraft xd


Ngl I forgot you can play minecraft offline WAIT
I can’t my comp needs to be plugged in lmao


Maybe play a board game or read a book
Yeah I like reading, do you got a problem with that?


Learn some card games
talk to people
learn history from your elders
Start a gambling ring
Develop a new type of rubber
Brainstorm cures for cancer
Build a fort
Plant a tree
Eat food
Bake something (probably need to create a structure that you can heat things up in first)
Cook something ("")
Make a dynamo/turbine
Read something
Go to the library
Get a job
Get another job

P.S. how are ya gonna charge your phone?


yeah, you should also charge some portable chargers before your power goes out


make sure everything that has a battery is fully charged before the outage hits. that way you’ll be able to use them, but unless you’ve got portable chargers like bilgewater suggested make sure you use them sparingly. laptop/phone are especially going to be important to have charged ahead of time. don’t play system-intensive games on either of them, because that’ll run the batteries down very quickly (again, less of an issue if you’ve got portable chargers/extra batteries)

you could practice drawing stuff, or play card/board games if you have any. you could try exercising but you’re obviously not going to be able to do that forever. reading books is also an option if you have any interesting ones.


get yourself a hand crank pocket generator for your phone so you’ll never run out of charge


Already done also power goes out in 50 mins

Excuse me but first the library is also going to have no power/lights
Why would I get a job for only a week?

also have some flashlights


I like reading too



Worrying about internet things when your food gonna go back :^)

quick, do data intensive things before you’re stuck with mobile!


We already prepared for that


Also they said our power goes out at 12, but my house still has power :thinking:


Lol this is like people preparing for the imminent apocalypse


ngl but they gave us like a 1-2 day warning.


2 days is definitely not enough to prepare for the apocalypse. Also, they aren’t doing a continous shutdown, so don’t worry about the daily reward.


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