What should I do with my spare life?


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I wouldn’t worry about getting Pixies and such yet. At your stage, trying to make your current characters OP doesn’t matter. It’s more important to prepare yourself for death, and be sure that you have stuff like extra tops, HP rings, and so on. Think about what you’re going to do if either your Knight or Wizard dies. What class are you going to play? Do you have UT items for that class? Are you comfortable with it? Preparing is crucial if you want to jump right back into the game even after a sad demise.

Stacking a single character with a ton of items really isn’t a good idea, as one death can shatter your wealth. Only consider this when you can comfortably afford it. What I would do is split your Deca into a few Exa HPs and Life Potions. Keep your Life Potions and a couple of these HP rings so that you can easily rebuild even when you die. One of your largest priorities is stacking up on UT items early on in the game – things like Cutlass, Murky, Fulmi, Eastern Winds, Spectral Armor, whatever you can get your hands on.

Straying a bit from your Life Potion question, I’d also consider strengthening your pet. No matter what happens to your characters, your pet will always be there, and once you obtain a Legendary pet, the game gets really easy. I would invest as much FP and time on it as possible.


If you have the vault space, I would just store them away. It’s always a good idea to have a strong value base to fall back on if one of your characters dies. You could always convert 3:1 glife to save space and just resell the glife later when you need the pots. 11 is also nearly enough to get another deca ( I believe they are worth 13-15 life, but I’m not sure) which you could just use as a more space efficient way to store value.


Max your characters before you deck them out. If you don’t want to do that and you want to save space, take your life pots to uswest3 and trade 3 life for 1 greater life and store those away for trading. Just try not to get scammed :wink:


Another thing you can do if you feel comfortable with how much you have saved is to save up a couple decas and buy a skin that you really like for one of your favorite classes. Like pets, skins don’t go away.


Personally I would use ubhp instead of deca and keep hoarding life. You don’t want to lose half your wealth due to one death due to +10 hp.
Are you experienced in Lost Halls? If so, I would focus on having an 8/8 melee (and a backup if you have a lot of character slots) because once you get better at LH, it becomes quite rare that you die on a melee. This will help you to quickly regain the cost of maxing that character and continue to gain profit in terms of white bags, high tiered items, and additional life pots. As a pot hoarder, I rarely spend my life on potions; I usually use it to max my characters hp or buy ho rings. Once you gain some more wealth theres no reason not to upgrade to decas, but until then I like to save as much life as possible to max new characters after my current ones die.
Imo life is most useful for 1. Buying ubhp (exa hp for throwaways), 2. Maxing hp on backup characters, 3. Buying ST items (only for 8/8s), 4. Buying pet food/tops , 5. Saving in case you need to buy rainbows, 6. Buying decas for characters. In that order.
Also remember that buying a deca is much more costly than buying a ubhp not only because it is worth more but also because it requires you to buy more glife to make it a single window trade.


Maxing your Wizard is a fine choice if you want. If you have some Life Potions on hand (and since you have UTs, HP rings, and pot farming is easy for you) , it can definitely be something to consider!


Grind a lot more. Then sit in USW3 merching if that’s your thing, if not then trade it in to the tinkerer on a life day.


Its not necessary to sit in a trading server to merch. You can post offers here on realmeye and wait for people to contact you. But if you like it, then yeah chilling in a trading server waiting for JUICY offers (e.g. a deca for 5 vit) sometimes feels awesome.


What I like about trading in a trading server doesn’t give you false hope. If someone PMs you, and they want to “negotiate” it’s just a waste of time, whereas if someone in the trading server trades you, you know instantly whether you want to accept their offer.


Oh, I get ya. True that you sometimes get some surprises when you meet the guy. Like he told you ggen (t6 helm) and actually meant ghelm (t5 helm).