What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


same, but it look really good on mah pally


Soubrette trickster REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Also ice queen & frost raider from ice cave.


same xd


April 14 Gentleman
May 14 Box Rogue


I’m not begging
I’m just asking for free ice caves


Well this is what I got.
Looks like the game really likes giving me rogue skins, 20% of all my skins are for him


Don’t be complaining
Be happy


I don’t really need it, but it’s definitely a nice skin :slight_smile:


lol rip that 4th rogue star
798/800 fame


Yeah I was pretty pissed

If I had been wearing my plane then I would have 4 starred it


May 14th Epic Skin I got Mini Archmage


Out of all the good looking skins, ofc i get the worst looking one for the worst class which is redcoat assassin. What did you guys get?



This entire post is wrong, you are wrong. :sunglasses:


First of all, that skin is beautiful

You have no idea what you are saying @Ickabod

Also I got it too


I was replying to Raviele but the thread got comboed with this one. :sunglasses:


i got the necro christmas yet to come skin on my mule


tbh I’m not sure which is worst… the fact that you say assassin is the worst class, the fact you say redcoat assassin is (you could’ve gotten jester, and you can’t even feed that) or expo on a scutum knight.


Expo + scutum isn’t nearly as grotesque as using cutlass without snakeskin. :sunglasses:


I happened to screenshot it the moment i had those stuff on, so don’t take the piss out of me for it. And assassin is absolute shit, unless you have a maxed legendary/divine pet it’s completely useless. Ofc you wouldn’t find it that bad cus you’re apparently one of those other p2w players that don’t seem to give a shit. And it gets outclassed by all the other classes except in certain dungeons like O2 and Tombs. And redcoat assassin is the least good looking one from all the other epic skins.


elf archer skin