What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


I got a mini archmage skin. Heck yeah!


I’d like to direct you to my alt, https://www.realmeye.com/player/Muleicorn

You’d rather have jester, ghost misery bride, or that maid trickster skin? It’s all opinion, and at least you can tell what the assassin skin is supposed to be.


excuse me? redcoat assassin HOT and assassin is actually good bc of the buff


Ordinary Box Rogue Skin. Amazing, right? (It was last month)


i got the gentleman wizard skin and the mystery skin for this month i got the same thing


48 PM



fuck I got jester lmfao




Mini Archmage May 14 (2nd Epic skin)


I got jester


My luck is so terrible I got it twice already


Got soubrette trickster and icicle dial mystic, srsly?


I feel for you man. lol.


mf 17 day necrobump


bump! for the silver pet stone i got a red bot pet stone. prob not gonna use it. not even worth feeding too :\


For my silver pet stone I got the Panda and I am very happy about that.


Red bot



not sure if silver drops anything good


Of course good is subjective!
But for what it’s worth, “here’s what you could have won” as per the wiki: