What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


I’m not getting the gold pet skin but I would’ve gotten garbage anyways


I’ve got the Undine sorc! I’m so happy.
As pet skin the Pumpking’s head and I’ll feed it


I don’t ever play Knight, but at least I have no regrets on that multiple-shard event!!
Also a cool water snek.


I got a cool looking snake and the djinja, pretty happy


Anyone get their Anubis Necro yet? How are we gonna get it?
I got Eagle Eye Hunter Huntress and Rocketeer Leprechaun (eh)


not bad. ;*



Anubis skin is out for collection


yep it is GET YER ANUBIS NECROS HERE should be there in the first gift chest


i got blue frog assassin skin and lichwyrm pet stone


Sagittarius, Underworld Archer, and stone warrior


Some ugly ass doe and lodestone warrior.

Undine and king penguin on alt


egg monster pet stone, from the epic mystery pet stone given on the 14th


I got some archer skin and the giant wasp pet skin on my main, its ok…
Im sad because i got the big dragon pet skin on my alt and not my main :frowning:


O: I want that one

I got hungery pumpkin


Free Legendary character skin from the Login Rewards today:
Legendary Mystery Skin



i got the mad dwarf skin. oof
mule got pengu knight btw


N U T Archer Skin


Hey, that’s pretty cool! Now I got two cool fem Archer skins :3


Got the barefoot rogue

Its a hobbit