What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


If you want you can ask my friend Azaradoom, infamousx, any of my guildies, plebburnt, stareaz.


that wouldn’t do anything. also, some people told me that original picture is a client so…


Whatever u think If you think I hack that’s your opinion as long as I know I don’t I’m fine.


What’s up with the item shadows in that image?

Also, I got Beachcake from MotMG, and Pandora Priest from Halloween


Yeah probably a client
But that was his screenshot, I just saw myself in it


lol i thought if your paused it doesn’t matter if your not moving lol it said ive been idle for more than 20 minutes.


Why are you posting about not being able to afk for over 20 minutes in this thread


The first screenshot is definitely 100% a client. He just went back to flash to take the screenshots lol.


@AKLDragon @Lamestchee @Laserquest @Mynamerr
Despite how obvious it may seem that he’s hacking we’re not really on these forums to witch-hunt. If you think he’s hacking just report it to DECA and be done with it, no need to make the guy “defend” himself.


Calling someone out isnt a witchhunt


I don’t think he’s hacking, I know he’s hacking. Nor do I care, but i find it pretty funny that there are idiots like him out there.


Bad word choice. You still don’t need to make a big fuss about it. Download the incriminating photo, (before he takes it down) and just contact DECA. No need to clutter up this thread about it.


i got beachcake rogue lol im the luckiest




I see it now the difference, but I don’t understand how it means I’m hacking. I’m done trying to prove myself so you can report me. Say what you want call me stupid idiot for all I care. I can barely talk in regular chat because of lag and I’m starting to think I should hack to deal with this lag. I already got a new computer, but it didn’t help.

Signing off DIvineOryx


well see, im not saying your hacking but that your using a client. besides, there are other, better ways to reduce lag


The greatness of drinking milk while you were small. YOU GET TO BECOME BIG AND BEEFY


I was real happy about this one.


But that’s literally the best pet skin in the whole game. You don’t need another.
Little sexy lizerd. 8)


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