What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


Unlocked, don’t see why we can’t carry on using this topic for mystery items/skins.


Managed to get the full calendar this month, day 30 was Epic Mystery Pet Skin, got Red Heart Pet Skin (already have it though, from Valentine Event). Also ST chest = cloak, Rip.



Got the Monarch butterfly pet skin, now my dilemma is do I switch from my Aquarius skin to use it…
Anyone have images of legendary/divine Monarch? :hibiscus:


This is it on the wiki: monarchwiki

Not sure what rarity they are but there’s some visible in these screenshots, from around the time it was in an event chest and there seemed to be lots of them fluttering around:


Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for thank you! :hibiscus:
I’m gonna go out on a limb and call most of those legendary in the second pic, seems to be one divine at the far right.


got this skin from the summer mystery skin


2 snorkeler knights, 1 tennis archer got beach party necromancer on main account. I think the snorkeler knight and beach part necromancer both look pretty ugly


From July’s login day 28 (Mystery Skin Legendary):



From the 24th’s Mad God Bag:

@WunderWafe Huh, didn’t know you contributed to skins 0u0


He has a lot of skins I don’t know all of them but he has made quite a few




I mean I can give it a try


i wanted something big and manly, got a little sweet bunny



If you can’t get it from MotMG bags, I’ll get it from the Calendar instead!


Got one of these: ; quite pleased to get it but like other nice pet skins not sure if I’ll ever use it, quite happy with my boundsheep.


ppe btw lel xd





Absolute garbage 3:<
Alex food, is what it is.


You have been gnomed


got the icicle dial mystic from the epic skin, and the cloaked ascended rogue from the 80 crystals of fortune