What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


got mini phylactery skin, which is alright because i only have 3 other mystic skins


Alright, here we go…

Nice! I like this guy.


So my rifts epic skin:

why are you doing this to me RNGesus?

The White Bag Thread v2

i got big beach rogue skin


It’s not Wind Flower though 8(


I was hoping for a rogue skin since I have practically none ;~;


I keep checking the gift vaults to pick them all out. Up to 11 now… the last four are evading me!


Image result for black kid awkward face

(I don’t want anymore)


Hey, look, thread’s relevant again now that the Rifts rewards have been sent out!
Got a cute murder maid. Fortunately for her, I can cook >:3


Didn’t screenshot, but got the gnome trickster


How’d I get 80 more Crystals of Fortune without spending any gold, you ask?
hacks, probably Let’s just say a kind spirit handed me some.
Also this is like the only female Pally skin I like. Darkness Konosuba skin when


From the ST skin tokens in the daily rewards:



That’s nice… I got another dragon tamer


I got mini swoll


From the gift thingy, lets goooo

Its a nice skin but nothing beats the night elf assasin


Mystery Trickster skin, was Soubrette.

Spot the Reference

Er, I guess this goes here too. Duplicate, so Alex food.


It took a while, clearing out all remaining 3 rows on my own, then also doing Janus with dagger DPS…but this makes it quite worth it!
Funny that the staff perfectly fits >u< (shameless flex)


Hey how bout someone global pins this and edits original post in wb thread to say post skins here


I can see the logic but can’t fully agree – IMO this topic was kinda more intentioned for when you get a skin not through a loot bag (eg. Daily Rewards: what does your mystery item hatch out as), because often when there’s a giveaway people would as a group want to show off their loot at the same time. Though of course if anyone wants to use this topic for all their skin loots, I’m not gonna argue (since I just did that myself, lol). So I think we can have a degree of latitude for people to use either topic for skins without having harder rules.

(And fully admit because having harder rules would then mean extra work moving posts whenever they’re in the “wrong” topic which does get pretty messy, so prefer to reserve that for the more clearcut cases. Just my opinion anyway.)