What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


Agreed. I remember the orange bag thread that was made a while back and never took off; removing loot from the white bag thread never goes well.


not heroic knight skin so i cri :frowning:


Again. Well, at least it provides the full-bodied mermaid flavor that my pet loves…


nice, ill still use iceman tho :confused:


big boi


never knew that was what the description was lol


Thought at first I got a duplicate with this horsey skin but I was misremembering the Frost Raider Warrior I already had, so it turned out to be a new one.



I got the heroic knight skin!


Myeh…I’ll take it, I guess.



This skin has not yet appeared in my wardrobe, despite my consuming it. Hope it does at some point…

EDIT: Never mind, it showed up.


I missed a day, so my ST skin came only yesterday.
I like this one, buuuut I already have the Mini Queen Bee skin… =w="


the mini queen bee is superior to the horticultural one


2/3 Swimsuit skins!! I got this from my latest Nest solo. Absolutely worth it :'3


Skin from a Nest?, smells like an event!
Edit: event topic is now up: The Nest/Crystal Challenges [Apr 28th to May 4th] +Q&A!


From the Calendar, I missed a day:

…mehhh…I’ll take it, I guess.



Alas, a duplicate.

Edit: found a second Legendary Mystery Pet from a previous gift and hatched:

Not a duplicate this time.


The shattering of dreams is enough to make a grown man cry.


I got a fucking pot of gold. It was my 3rd pot of gold. Send help…