What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


From last month’s Epic Mystery Skin in the logins:

A repeat, unfortunately, as I’d got it out of a Mystery Trickster Skin before. :arrow_heading_up: post #499


Soubrette gang…


Does this count? :3


buy dye removers right now


so with my crystals for fortune that i got recently, i got a yuki onna mystic skin, and i used it. but when i went to change my mystic skin, i instead had the time lock mystic skin unlocked. kinda sucks cause i didnt buy this skin, but oh well


Similar thing happened to a guild mate, he used the mini stheno skin and unlocked the dark elf skin, but after resetting the game he got to keep both



An epic mystery skin means a chance at Wind Flower, buuut…

…yeah, nah. It seems Rob gets to eat some more.


I got the Gentleman Wizard.

That’s another skin I’m never using, then.


I got the kabuki ninja skin. Not bad, but if I play ninja it would still only be if I had the death skin



oh yeah i got a duplicate the trickster thing with the maid whatever yeah that sucks so yeah i fed it 1k fp is nice isn’t it so yeah bye yeah


Dang that’s the one I wanted, nice!


Ugh! This could’ve been a cute skin, or at least one I didn’t have one yet, but nooo, it just had to be a duplicate >_>


I want that skin so bad ngl


Reminder that if you’ve been a good little Realmer and have logged in every day so far, you can claim a spoooky Mystery Halloween Skin today!

I’ve got plenty of Hunt skins, but this one looks very cool >w<


Niceee underworld archer skin


so i got this piece of trash


valkrie pally


Bet y’all forgot about this thread, huh? Well, I didn’t, and neither did the mods, who were kind enough to set this to not close after 2 months >:3

It’s cute so I guess I’ll take it.
wind flower when