What technologies exist in realm?


I just want to know- aside from magic (so physical attacks/defenses only)- what kind of technological era does the realm reside in?

I would guess in the 17th century- due to the use of flintlock muskets and such by Bilgewater/Dreadstump.

I want to know because if we can establish that gunpowder exists in realm- I can do something with it.


We got computers (pet yard), genetic modification (nest, mad lab) so I’d say pretty modern.

Few use gunpowder probably because of how powerful and accessible the magic in the realm is. Bilgewater’s cannons blasts do similar damage to titaniums, but probably are harder to come by since I’d assume natural magic replenishes over time, while gunpowder must be made and cannonballs cast.

Standard automatic firearms probably wouldn’t do much against more powerful enemies, and each individual bullet would be rather cumbersome to seriously enhance with magic, hence why items like the thousand shot or covert, while fast to fire (and probably magic enhanced, to an extent at least), are less effective against enemies with higher defensive capabilities.


I like to think that it’s primarily middle ages but with a few higher tech things like the flintlocks and robots in the mad lab


So do you believe the high tech things are in isolated pockets of the realm (pet yard, mad lab) or do you believe that they can be used outside those?

Do you think a wizard could throw a cannonball from bilgewater without magical enhancement? (serious question btw)

I don’t think automatic firearms are the thing I’m thinking about- no- I am talking about the nuke, the artillery shell, and the cannon.


Probably not, since Jon’s parrots can heal him and he has superb control over them, I’d assume he knows some magic and uses at least a bit of it to power his cannon barrage, especially since he is able to fire them in all directions at a relatively fast rate.

As for non-magic-enhanced artillery shells, they’d probably be able to daze and damage within a certain radius, while nukes would be like that on a much larger scale, as well as giving a long term radiation poisoned effect. I don’t doubt that a nuke could cover an entire realm, but “magic” enemies like the void entity or ghost gods probably wouldn’t be affected unless you infused some magic into an attack.


I’m not talking about solid APFSDS rounds- I’m talking about HE rounds (I see nein reason for APFSDS rounds to exist in rotmg)

However, with shells I see 2 problems- 1) There’s nowhere they could feasibly drop from
2) Where is your cannon (negation via throwing them)?

Also; I see nowhere where a nuke could be dropped- maybe mad lab or beekeeper?

Cannonballs could drop from bilgewater/dreadstump (much less numbers for dreadstump ofc)


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If you really wanted to “launch” a shell or bomb you could also just use decoy technology to teleport them around


but where would you get the shell? Also, no velocity if you TP the shell to its target


Uhhh… What is the boshi gun? :rose:


Marble collossus is sort of a machine made to kill oryx.


Its a thing form a pserver. not going to say which one though probably against the rules


Potato technology (farming age)


The most popular pserver, rhymes with willy



I mean we can make electricity that kills people come out of a sheep so I would guess in the future


I think they could be used outside those but they choose not to for various reasons


That sheep is obese, thanks to your reckless feeding habits. It means no harm; the poor thing is forced to shock everything in the vicinity of its thicc fur due to its size.

But yeah there’s a computer from Nest, pet yard, Tesla coils etc. So probably time travellers in 17th century.


So; do we have a consensus?

17th century with small pockets of tech for 21st century tech

  • Yes
  • No

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The fact that you can now hatch humanoid babies from eggs rather than develop them internally from parents is evident that this isn’t in the 17th century. Therefore, I think it is the 21st century with little parts from the 17th century.


restricted for pet yard only. So are computers, and the stuff in the mad lab.

I believe that swords were commonly used during the 17th century (for officers at least). Realm has more in common with the 17th century than the 21st.


Realm is not based off a standard time period so it wouldn’t be a good idea comparing it to a specific one, especially since the technology in it spans about a millennia. If whatever your idea is includes gunpowder there isn’t any reason not to put it in, especially since there are things in the game that make even less since. The game has already made itself a mess of thing