What to do if you die by a glitch


I’ve just died to a kensei glitch in the blue alien dungeon, usually going through teleporters makes the character invulnerable but activating kensei’s ability before going in apparently removes invulnerability and instantly kills you if there are enemies on the other side. I’ve contacted support. Anyone know what I can do?


Contact support. Most deaths they won’t do anything but a glitch is one thing they might look at. I don’t know what they can do; they might still be unable to resurrect a char that dies in game, but might give you pots or other help rebuilding. And it could prompt them to fix it.


Oh they can revive charas but the chance of them doing so is incredibly rare. The issue has to be server side for them to do it and in this case it might be client side.




I read the title and I thought you died to the glitch mob lol