What To Do On An Airplane Flight?


I got a 13 hour flight just a few hours away. Anyone got suggestions for what to do?


read, sleep, enjoy the view if you sit next to a window

Some flights also let you watch movies


Read a classic bra; Catcher in the Rye if you’ve never read it, or maybe Animal Farm.


Watch some netflix


Pretty sure I’m not getting in-flight WiFi. I hear Black Panther is probably on the included movies, so kinda like Netflix.


You could use your mobile data, or if that’s not an option download netflix vids beforehand


They don’t like people using cellular. I’m going to lose coverage somewhere at some point because im flying international.


pretty sure that you’re not allowed to use your phones connection on a flight


Rethink your life.


I’ve been on flights where you aren’t allowed to use it only during takeoff and landing


Just sleep, If your lucky you can hack off 8-10 hours of boredom by sleeping


Sadly my flight departs at 12:30 PM so I won’t be getting much sleep. What’s even worse is I don’t get much jet lag so my sleep schedule is fucked.


Sleep and listen to music

Depends on the company and the plane


Trying to download music as we speak. Where I’m going is extremely censored. Can’t even use music apps.


Cancel the flight.


I would guess you are going to China


Yep… Really didn’t want to go, but when the people telling you to go feed you, I got no choice.

@Shatter I wish


It’s a nice country despite the obvious problems with censorship (and human rights)I would take any chance you have to travel


It definitely is, I wouldn’t disagree. It’s just kind of sad how badly the censorship is. I mainly didn’t want to go because they were vague about what we were to do. Last time I went I spent a month in a rural part with family. All I had was my very small range of internet to keep my sanity.


Well boys, flights boarding. Hopefully my VPN works and I’ll see you guys on the other side.