What To Do On An Airplane Flight?


You’re not doing yourself any favors. Do you want to get flags? At this rate you’ll never regain regular status.


Have a safe flight (even tho its a bit late)


Never been on a plane, but if it’s anything like the movies I’d suggest practicing basic snake safety procedures just in case the snake compartments burst. :jack_o_lantern:


Oof gl. I hope you visit Hong Kong, thats where im going on saturday


shit youre already there. eat some cup noodles on the way back!


@Penguinfli I went through Hong Kong to get to my destination.

Well turns out censorship is INSANE. VPN didn’t work and my phone had some issue, so all I can do at this point is use websites or discord. Can’t search with Google to fix the problem.


Listen to music


oh look at that, I just came back from China.

Hmm, I mean obviously all you have to do in terms of no google censorship is switch search platforms, like Baidu or Yahoo. In terms of music, spotify still works so that should be fine for you.


If rotmg is blocked I’m gonna cause a nation wide revolt, overthrow the government, and unblock it.


looks like you’ll need to stage a revolt


We gonna get an marble seal pally constantly buffing 16 8/8 ogmur knights with 10 puri priests in the back and devastation sorcs with daichi wand&crown.


no warriors or paladins thonk


no rogues hyperthonk


wtf lmao


lmao you missed it


… RIP your time on the forums and realm.

The great firewall of china sees all.


I didn’t bring a PC in the first place. But obviously forums work. But yeah the GFW is a bitch.


warriors or paladins who buff. I would’ve said the same thing if he mentioned a warrior with a draconic


I can access realm eye forums in Hong Kong but no rotmg so I’m going to blow my cap.


If you didn’t set a VPN before, you’re kinda screwed. Try to find one though. There’s Google searching without VPN so you could probably find one.