What to do when 5 hours grinding doesn't pay off?


I been grinding encore for like 5 hours straight with loot buff but No tshot or dire.

What to do?

I pretty sure that didn’t leech like 60% does
I help the group to clear the puppets
I slow and paralyze them.


Take a break.


For me, it would depend on how badly you wanted the tshot/prism. If you think the UTs will make a substantial difference to how you play bow classes/trickster, then I’d keep grinding for the UTS, as they will be substantially harder to get outside of an event. Otherwise, I’d just do other content like halls or take a break from the game.


Play surviv.io


Nice :3


Why are you still playing :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I always play that game…


Keep playing


Try karaoke. It’ll help you relax. You could take a break or do karaoke and rotmg at the same time :open_mouth:


Takeeeeeeee oooooon meeeeeeeee!


I already called it a day bruh.




Bruh intensifies


I did 300 plus cems with 5 30mins loot drop and still didn’t get a resu. keep your head high :+1:


I spent over $80 on cem keys and popped all of them loot boosted. 0 whites, no pet skin. Shit happens.


More money than I’ve held in my entire life :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


You leave. Then come back. And begin grinding again.


Spend double the time grinding for the the reward !


I usually get stuff when I least expect it.


yeah, I got a tshot like 15 encores in yesterday.