What to do when 5 hours grinding doesn't pay off?


You leave. Then come back. And begin grinding again.


Spend double the time grinding for the the reward !


I usually get stuff when I least expect it.


yeah, I got a tshot like 15 encores in yesterday.


Carry on grinding


i done less than 30 and got a resu + mini cub pet skin and that wolf skin.


RNG is a bitch


I got the prism on my 5th encore rip


he is a bitch…

i done a lot of udls, no morning star no edictum.


Keep going.



i got tshot finally



patience is a virtue



reeeee i hate you


My boi that game is hella fun. Except when you spawn in late and everything is destroyed already. :dizzy_face:


Bad design






The drop rates are so bad for these events. Like, on some events, I can grind them for days and get no UT. But other events, I do like 10-20 and get a bunch of UT. It’s fucked up man.


resign to your fate like i did. seriously, i have never gotten a white bag from dungeons during their event. tbh, i havent gotten whites from most f them anyway. :frowning: