What type of realm player do you hate the most?


That one guy that keeps screaming for others to pop dungeons.


The kind that purposely makes the experience of others worse.


all of them.


People that complain constantly about lag. Its the client that makes lag happen. Client can’t catch up with the server because your client isn’t optimized correctly, thus why Unity port will more than likely alleviate MOST lag issues. Server sided lag is an issue sometimes, but it’s usually just the client you use to play the game.


dang, didn’t know that was why there was lag


The ones that say whatever the hell they want, without a care in the world, or respect for others.

There’s this one particular bastard I especially hate after a particular incident…


The people who call and enter within one second. Like thanks but no thanks.


The arrogant pricks who diss on others’ achievements because they’re either considered “too easy” to get or are “too mediocre” in general. Nothing like a guy getting his first 5k base char, only for people to go “lmao, so little” or “weird flex but ok” at 'em. We can be better than that…


The ones that swear to be “cool”.


I dont know why, but the ones that irritate me the most are the people who say 2nd in a lab and sit in the spawn or boss room.
Honourable mentions: people who ask about the purple name/glow (pls google), people who expect conversations that go beyond “yes no ty np” (I can’t type to save my life), people who don’t help explore the map in dungeons with trooms.


fame trainers!!! eeeeeeeeeee


The people who are good enough to troll public dungeons. Ex: lab 2nd trolling. It takes at least some skill to decoy the boss, and generally the people who do it you know could be doing something more productive for themselves and not wasting other people’s time.


I hate people who are rushing behind me and I purposefully go the wrong way to clear (ex: mlab) or when I don’t know where the right way but I’m rushing and they follow me instead of trying another path.


Trollers, they have nothing to gain from it and are just doing it for their own entertainment and should go burn in a lava pit in glands. Though im mostly fine with mbers and hackers if their cool, and dont crash dungeons and shit

I actually met this mber some time agoand he was actually really cool, (didnt crash dungeons, even asked if he could use his alts in a tomb we were all in, an everybody said yes, generally, this is a cheater that I respect, (not condone, very important difference).


Straight up cunts.

Entitled crashers, though they’re less of an issue than they used to be.

People who blatantly cheat.

Unreasonable folk.

Leechers that never bother even trying to help.

In that order, that’s the players I like least.


the people that sit in cland boss room and demand life or other rare items to leave


people who take the game too seriously, and white stars with “too cool” mentality. congrats, you have put that much time and effort into a single video game, or you fame farmed. neither makes you too good to reply to my silly whisper


The bots. Definitely the bots that spam so i can’t see pms to me for something.




Players that act like because they are good at a flash game they should be worshipped.

Thankfully I have only encountered two of these briefly. It was not fun.