What Was Your First Event White?


What’s up friends. I’m still on a bit of a White Bag high here so I just thought I would make an annoying post. I got an Ogmur today and it was my first event white in my 4+ years of playing. I thought I might ask the community what they got first, and maybe what you want the most.




ray katana


An air bag





Jugg on an alternate account I’d created less than an hour before…

But you knew that already.


I got an Oreo as my first Event White. Funny story; I’d ended up kicking my chair back in excitement, and in the process of sitting down, I fell to the floor and messed up my tailbone for a good week.
so worth it


oreo, died with it immediately


tablets are hot


Cdirk, i sold it because UTs were tradable back then and maxed a few chars


Cdirk, on my main and my alt account.


Ray Katana




In the pre-pet days, Jugg from Sphnix when I’d been playing about 6 weeks. First white ever, no idea what it (or the bag) even was. Died in the Tomb straight after with it in the inventory. Never had another in 6 years…

I’ll go cry in a corner now.


Back in my days when I only played priest and had only one vault chest I got an orb of conflict, immediately fed it to my cat. :sunglasses:




It was actually Totally a White Bag…


Nothing yet lmao

Kill me


I got an oreo while playing during robotics and got in trouble after freaking out