What... what even is this sword


Ok, so…

Henchman’s Claymore…

What’s the point?


It’s DPS is basically just worse than acclaim always and it really doesn’t shine.
Except maybe it’s easier to aim? But who has a problem with aiming with like a cutlass or just normal acclaim even?

I’m so confused. What’s the point of this?


its for cosmetic purposes obviously.

but seriously I don’t really know. I think at this point DECA might be struggling to come up with unique weapons and UTS that just adjust the current variables for weapons, which is understandable.


But the dagger is so good! 5.3 range and dps outdmgs cdirk at low def and approaches it later

bad balancing imo


It’s an ongoing pity that Deca appears unwilling to follow in the obvious/logical footsteps of both WS and Kabam, of designing entirely new weapon types (and classes to wield them) as a way to expand the game’s item roster and bring genuinely interesting new things to try out.


Yep. Guess what I got from my first 25 shards.

Shots are like a shot from a staff, except at least with staff there are two shots so once lined up at least one hits normally, and you can adjust range to get both to hit. With this you have only one shot and no range to play with.

In theory you could use it to shoot around corners, but again with so little range this will only work for targets just the other side of a corner, so have far fewer uses than an Ebsen staff or similar.


These weapons are seriously unbalanced. The Sword, Wand, and Staff are subpar, but then there is stuff like the bow which outdamages void.


I have no idea what Deca was thinking when they released this

Half of them are vanity-tier bad and then there is the dagger which apparantly has better stats than anything else with no downside


tbh, I thought they were just some testing-exclusive weapon, just for fun, or somefin.
I don’t think I actually tested the dagger back then, but surely it must have some type of wacky shot pattern to balance it out, right…?


Nope. Shoots straight. 100% shot speed (unlike ripper)
I was fortunate enough to get one from 2nd stack and was pleasantly shocked.


I don’t know what they were thinking either xD


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