What will porting to Unity entail?


Hackers will just adapt with daily client release. Too much disruption for too little gain.

Yes and no. A small handful of hackers who actually know hacking, will be able to update their clients, but the majority of players who cheat, those who rely on client releases, will be left without a way to cheat, unless they rely on daily released clients, which would only work for so many hours, and would be highly prone to infected clients due to the high demand and short span of checking clients. The disruption can be countered by a game launcher for those who use the vanilla client. Steam would update itself, and the web page hosting realm could simply update (if they do use the path of web unity support).


To check, I’d suggest heading on over to itch.io, and downloading anything for free. Almost everything on the website runs on Unity.


By disruption I mean the server restart. Imagine running a hall and getting “this server will restart soon”.


Haven’t we already covered that the server restarts locally? Granted, sometimes I rarely do run shatters or what have you early in morning, I am aware of the restarts as to not run dungeons too early in the morning.


hearing " Unity " reminds me of




Over the summer I’ll be doing intern work using GODOT, do you know anything about it? Apparently its a game engine as well?


So I can’t login from mobile anymore :disappointed_relieved:


great thing is that i use steam :smiley:


I’ve heard of that engine, although up until version 3, I can’t say it’s been particularly beneficial over other engines out there. I know some schools are teaching it, but that’s about it. There hasn’t been any majorly successful games with the engine, but I reckon it’s as good as any for an entry level engine to start writing code with.


Do you know of any other engine that realm could potentially run on that would be better than Unity (theoretically better)?

Just wanted to know


Not necessarily the fault of the engine, is it?


Not that I’m aware of. Although unlike some other engines, Godot isn’t well documented and lacks the kind of community that other engines have (It is growing however, albeit slowly). It is easy to use, has high to moderate third party support, is based on python, but can be programmed in C++ if that’s your slice of cake. It’s also open source and it’s game engine is free.


There’s a ton that come to mind, let alone writing their own game engine, however time (or the lack thereof) makes Unity the better choice. Deca has to complete the rewrite before 2020 hits, a feat they couldn’t easily commit to in other game engines without more focus on porting.


That’s completely arbitrary. Why that specific time schedule??



Yea that’s what I say when I checked the comparison, I think Unity will be the better choice for a game like realm.


the article that you linked actually says that flash support will by stopped at the end of 2020

of course its already dying off and an earlier transition would be better


The Unity Web Player is no longer supported, but UnityGL (their replacement for Unity Web Player) is, which supports all web browsers iirc (this is just going off my memory).


Pardon me, but I don’t think I ever mentioned Godot as a viable engine for realm, nor mentioning realm at all?