What would happen if I installed RotMG on Steam?


First of all, I started playing RotMG on Google Chrome, then Flash Player Projector in 2011.
I just recently started playing on Exalt a couple months ago.
I also recently installed Steam and started using Steam a couple months ago. One of the games I can obviously download and play on Steam is RotMG.
My question is, with all the tech issues people are having with the Exalt client, and different issues on Steam, what would happen if I downloaded and started playing RotMG on Steam?
I’d like to get some Steam achievements, and add it to my list of Steam games that are visible to my friends and the Steam community.


Since you started on the web client you are able to port your account over to steam - at least this was the case when I did it years ago- but I currently use the standalone client. I have heard that steam may have some slight issues compared to the standalone client. Hopefully someone who uses steam instead of standalone could expand upon that.

Short answer: You can probably just start playing on steam without any major issues but I’m not positive.


Came back to ROTMG just a few days ago.
Been playing the Steam version of the game since 2013.
The old version of the game had many many bugs and quality of life issues.

Exalt client seems to work perfectly on steam. No more UI issues, game crashes and despite concerns about the game’s performance, I have nothing abnormal to report that either.

Again this is only my own experience, but it should work just fine.


As Shadowfax stated, you’d have to ask support to help move over your account from the web client. I’ve used the Steam version since 2013 as well, and I haven’t experienced any really noteworthy bugs that others haven’t.
Well, except for being unable to use my inventory hotkeys on some characters without backpacks sometimes…


It is currently not possible to link an existing web account to Steam. You can only link an existing Steam account to web (via emailing support).

Thus, if you were to start playing the game on Steam, you would have no choice but to start a fresh account.