What's muledump?


I’ve heard the term over and over again, but I don’t really understand it.
What is it, how does it work?


The tool can be found under https://github.com/jakcodex/muledump/


Mynamerr’s link will let you download and set it up.


  • people don’t want to pay for vaults
  • people make other accounts, called “mules” and use them to store tradeable items (like pots, tops, ST items etc"
  • when they have too many mules to remember which mule has which item, they use a program called “muledump” to help them see which account has which item

There are some sample pictures here so you can see what it kinda looks like


When adding accounts to muledump, do you add your main account as well? Or other accounts that are mules>


It’s up to you.
Some people use it to look at the stats on their main characters; this used to be the only way to see your accuracy/godkills/dungeons complete stats, before they added the facility to do it in-game via the Fame Overview button.




People who have lots of mules/vaults also use it to keep track of the items they have or how much of an item they have, because Muledump also shows the items you have in Gift Chests and Vaults. Very useful. For example some people somehow manage to gather over 500 life potions and Muledump can tell you exactly how much you have.


You don’t need any mules to benefit from it. Even with just one account it lets you see how many of an item you have across all vaults, char slots and gift chests. It’s the best way to get an overview of all of these at once, as you can only look at them one at a time in game. The more vaults/chars/gift chests you have the more useful it is.


I did mention that, just so you know. But thanks for clarifying.


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