What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


I’ll start with me. In the 2012 Halloween nexus, the names of the bats were Steve and Stella.
Here’s a screenshot of that nexus (without, unfortunately, Steve and Stella).

This is not my screenshot.


I remember several years ago, when a hacker spywned oryxes within the nexus ans many chars died there. That was scary.


Ah yes, the Swatsec incident. I wouldn’t exactly call that obscure but it sure is infamous.
[RotMG] Nexus Massacre - Swatsecone spawns O2 in Nexus


Drake Eggs. Before they became a common drop from Lost Halls they all dropped in game, and still do. But the drops are varyingly obscure/rare.

Most obviously evaluation quests all drop them, or dropped them, including Ghost King even though it no longer can be boosted. The others you need to boost them. One of them is pretty rare, the green egg from Nature Sprites when the Ent is boosted, but even the others you would only see when you boosted them. Less well known the Constructs in the Undead Lair drop two of them.

Most obscure of all the white one drops, and used to only drop, from the Adult White Dragon, the one that comes out of eggs dotted around Highlands. It’s incredibly rare, and of the eggs the most valuable as it provides a healing boost on top of Pally/Priest healing or other sources.


Oh oh, I know this one! The Crystal Sword used to actually be the Mithril Sword, Oryx used to spawn on the beach, when stat pots were introduced, the only way to get more hp/mp was to just get a good roll, it was only 6/6, the Shatters was originally designed by LordShon on the wildshadow forums. Minor MP pots were actually in the game a bit longer than minor HP pots, as they used to drop from minions in the forbidden jungle for a short amount of time after minor HP pots were removed.


the strike amulet is something most people probably dont know about



Woah, didn’t know that FJungle dropped Minor Magic potions in the past, although I have a faint recollection of something like that being said. Couldn’t find anything on realmeye or the old wiki about this, though.
They apparently dropped from the Totem Spirits, which now only drop full Magic Potions. However, my only source for this is a 9 year old reddit comment.


man i know a bunch of random shit about this game


Before the star system, fame was denoted by rank insignia


The magic sprite was once the deadliest monster in the game

Cube gods were accidentally made 3D once


Pets from before when there were pets.

The pets people use now weren’t the first. Before there were pets that healed you and did damage, you could have a pet which did nothing except follow you around. I.e. they were purely cosmetic but at the time there were few ways to customise your character(s) so they were quite desirable. Rare though – they hatched from eggs which dropped very rarely from dungeons such as Abyss. Or you could I think buy them in Nexus for gold.

I remember them as I bought one that was, exceptionally, useful. The Beer Slurp. It had the feature of showing where a Beer God would appear, by moving in its direction when you got within a screen or two away from it, only stopping moving when you were on top of it. I think at the time it was the only way to find a Beer God deliberately, while finding one accidentally was harder as four players were needed to wake one, unlike two today – though there were more Beer Gods in a Realm so it probably balanced out.

When functional pets (the current ones) were added all existing pets were converted to them, and the dungeons that dropped eggs changed to dropping skins - except The Hive which still drops an egg, oddly.

Exceptionally though the Beer Slurp was not converted, as there was no ‘Find Beer God’ ability. But the new pets broke how it worked - now you had a healing/shooting pet following you the Beer God couldn’t follow you at the same time. The only way to use it was to take it in your inventory and activate it in Realm – like Reindeer eggs, or the St Patrick’s Hat.

Which would mean dying with it and losing it forever. As I was in the habit of dying far more often then I didn’t dare use it again, and ended up feeding mine to my normal pet.


Knew all of these but did not have a graphic for all the ranks before. Ranks were representative of lifetime fame, correct?


You used to be able to drag Beisa out of his room, and you could also get XP from the shooting walls in Leucoryx.


in the original esben fight the bullets wouldn’t load if you stood on the far edges of the room, similar to the original forgotten king. in large groups this was somewhat pointless because of how easily everything else was steamrolled, but in small or solo groups it was incredibly useful since it sped up the process of clearing the graves dramatically. I’m not sure how many people ever knew this, small ice caves were hardly ever done even in the old days. The first I’d ever heard of it was when Radio (I think?) and I were stuck duoing one and we found out by accident. afterwards I updated the wiki, but the ice cave isn’t exactly difficult or desirable content so most people probably never noticed.

another out of date tip is about the original lod. you may have heard “don’t kill the minions, it heals the boss” before, but did you know it’s actually untrue? the actual behavior happening was that the minions continuously heal the boss while alive, so killing them actually reduces nikao’s hp regen! but there’s a catch: if you kill all of the minions, they are all respawned at once, instantly jumping nikao’s regen to max. if you are unable to power through that much regen, killing all of the minions instead of just some of them will jump the regen high enough that it can undo all of your work to that point, hence “don’t kill the minions”. the average rotmg player rarely displays much critical thinking ability, so between that and old lod only being done by massive groups (with most of them leeching and not actually seeing the boss) to end the tedium as quickly as possible there was pretty much no room for that myth to get busted on a large scale. I was hearing “don’t kill the minions” all the way up to the lod rework, despite me making a post on the forum about this very topic several years ago.


when asked about numeric usernames in rotmg, rob replied with “Heroes don’t have numbers in their names”.


My favorite and most memorable RotMG video: I accidentally the RotMG
I remember when I used the Amulet of Zombification that used to drop in the Haunted Cemetery. There was a bug with the item where you could use it to cheat death after becoming a zombie… I wasn’t around when the amulet of resurrection was in prod.


Don’t forget about the invisible shots from the Avatar of the Forgotten King hahaha hundreds would die from it.


Way back then, you didnt have an ability. Instead, you wore 2 rings.


There used to be an exploit where one could put pictures in the chat. Of course it was mostly porn


Wasn’t there some glitch with poisons like 5 years ago that would crash entire servers?