What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?



From 2014:


Resu in 2014:


That seems to be a white b/c of the inc and not b/c of the snakeskin though


Resu is a white in that screenshot and still is a whitebag though


Resu was always a white from what i believe and what I can find. Edit: What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?

snake skin was 100% never a white. Whites were never common, snake skin has always been common.


I thought from your post you were saying it changed to white. I was pointing out it was always so, or at least as far back as 2014 which is before they moved some of them out of white bags.


Hm, it’s so long ago I obviously don’t remember. I was going by it being the one thing not in my inventory, and not the thing I would take out to pick up something else; plus now I’m careful to screenshot things while they’re on the ground if it’s safe. But I can’t know my thinking nine years ago !


I was going off of Mynamerr’s post:


Ah, sorry, misread who wrote that. I wasn’t trying to do a detailed rebuttal to it, just I recalled I had 9 year old screenshots of whitebags which might clarify things.


The Loot bag update was in 2014 http://archive.fo/vVfBH

On the old page of the wiki for loot bags from ~2013, you can see that resu was a cyan bag back then https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/loot-bag-types-and-contents/30


On the most recent update, 2 new ST sets were added. Mistakenly, DECA made it such that the armor and ring of both of the sets could be forged without their usually required ST token. This led to them announcing the following:

However, if you had these items in the vault, they would stay. However, if they appear in any other location (such as the nexus, a dungeon key, etc), they will disappear. Additionally, you cannot break these items down in the Forge, and they have 0 feedpower.

This makes these items (in my opinion) the coolest collectable that we’ve had in a long, long time. They were only accessible for 20-28 hours. (I don’t know if this bug started happening as of the update, or as of the hotfix that occurred 8 hours after it.)


Another one that I’m not sure people have noticed or just haven’t pointed out, but there’s a little derpy face on the walls of the Snake Pit. They’re pretty common but no one really talks about them, though it could also just be because it’s such a small and unnoticeable easter egg.


Due to the recent reduction of Huntress’s max Att, there are now overmaxxed Huntresses.
Before you get excited - This extra attack gets removed as soon as you enter the nexus.

I don’t think any other character has received nerfs to stats - although feel free to prove me wrong.

Edit: In Build 113, Knights had their Defense reduced to 40 from 50, and necros had their att/dex nerfed to 60 from 75.

In Build 123.3, vit caps were reduced. Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Paladin, Assassin, Huntress, Mystic, Trickster started to cap at 40. Necromancer started to cap at 30. Wizard’s wis began to cap at 60.

In Update, Assassin’s speed was nerfed to 60 from 75.


On closed testing during the swatsec hack, all servers turned off except testing. Arbiterz comes on himself and talks to me (Kmoelite) about what he thinks happened with the whole swatsec ordeal. Buried in my old old harddrive. I think it’s time to surface this before this and other files get lost to the winds.


Paladins dex went 50->45->55


Drunk used to work a little differently when you had Hardware Acceleration on.


The wiki actually hasn’t changed its information on Drunk in the Status Effects page; it still mentions Hardware Acceleration and its change on the effect.


Interesting. From what I understand Hardware Acceleration is always on with Exalt, they just straight up removed the different effect.


Yes Exalt has always on HW acceleration. They could done the same for the Flash, made it HW acceleration only. The fallback to software rendering was only useful for supporting PCs with very old GPUs – a decade or more old – and PCs that old would struggle to play the game at all.

I suspect that if they considered switching Flash to HW acceleration it was too late – they were already making plans for post-Flash, maybe even working on the Exalt version, so there was little point. Better to wait for Exalt and focus on making any graphical improvements in that only.

This reminds me, thinking back to the Flash version. The current game has the option to zoom in and out, so much so you see the edges of the ‘fog of war’ which hides enemies and objects.

The Flash version didn’t have this option, officially, but it was possible. First you needed to use Flash Projector, as described here. Then if you switched off hardware acceleration and made the window bigger by dragging its corner you could see further, much further, much like a fully zoomed out version of the current game.

At some point DECA changed the code to stop it drawing so much, getting it to draw just enough tiles so the screen was filled, and if you expanded the window after that you might see one row of tiles then a sawtooth as they ended. I don’t know why they did this – it could have been to stop people using it, or just for performance so it sent less data to the client.