What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


I miss my useless sprite star pet:c


My first functional pet was a Sprite Star. It was the one I messed up though, fused early so it had a lower than it should level cap. Very much lower, I’d taken it though a couple of fusings without proper levelling.

So I started over with a feline pet and that’s the one I still have, though it’s no longer a cat. I really dislike the divine feline skins so as soon as it reached divine I changed it, and have changed it a few times since then.


Alright, I’ll add a little fuel to the conversation since it has died down a little.
Gemsbok still has undiscovered dialogue.


might be discovered at this point, because that message was 6 months ago, but I feel like it would probably be the line when you don’t pick a coin in time


Just received confirmation that that’s not the dialogue.


Lod drop rates used to depend on when you kill the dragon, the first being lowest droprates and last being highest, unsure if this is still in the game after most recent lod changes


Was this just a rumor or confirmed? Because I’ve heard this many times but never seen it officially documented I believe.


I have a few:

  1. This underrated animation by Khorde featuring his Mithril Sword
  2. Loot bags were all public
  3. Grave-looting (it was like watching zombies feast on your grave)
  4. Priest healers in nexus before healing fountains were a thing
  5. Pets with no skills, just pets that follow you around
  6. The old glory days of AsiaEast server which was once dubbed as “the dark side of rotmg” due to its insane dps output from multiple high tier players
  7. Youtubers like Pixl, Cake, Henez, and Vulcan


ex deca confirmed it once when i was in vc with him, not sure about any official


See my earlier post for much more on pre-functional pets (including the one that had a skill, sorta).


Fun fact: that animation is referenced in the description of the April Fool’s reskin of the Crystal Sword: “You should go to the Nexus and show everyone!”


Not that old – it was for a long time a feature of the pre-reconstruction Abyss, so probably up to 2020 – but definitely obscure. If there were multiple treasure rooms in an abyss when you cleared the first it didn’t properly repair the passage out. You still had to walk through lava, unless you could teleport. It was a sign there was still another treasure room to find.

It probably explains this 2014 screenshot. Two treasure rooms but the one I am in is far away from the start, boss and other treasure room. I suspect I only went looking for it because I knew it was there, from the above glitch.


Didn’t realize that was removed in the reconstruction abyss, although it does make sense to remove it.


Ive seen a lot of stuff on here im familiar with from Invis enemies that can still kill you, resu ammy, Swatsec (yall have we really come so far we forgot why we do motmg,) to lootable graves and mithril sword,
Im more surprised I didnt see any comment about how the Dirk of cronus came from a mad lads obsession with a plain dirk (or rather his frustrations with noobs who tried to peddle them) and thus cemented his namesake ‘cronus’ as a legacy in the game. Truly one of the best legacies cronus OR wildshadows could have asked for (slight /s). (also anyone remember kabam? Yeah fuck those guys)


more context can be found on this page. it’s funny to see that such a thing could become content in 2011/2012.


All items dropped by players used to drop in public brown bags (High tier gear, UTs, pots, etc)
Some players would then host “drop parties” where they would drop the above mentioned rare items and a crowd of people would try to snag them up as fast as possible.

You also used to be able to teleport in the nexus.
Because of the above mentioned drop parties + some people just dumping their unwanted items, there used to be bots in the nexus that would automatically teleport to you and pick up whatever rare item you dropped.

I remember as a kid when I first started playing the game that one of these bots yoink’d a freshly acquired robe of tlatoani that I’d accidently dropped. I begged the bot to give it back before making a very poorly written post on the wild shadow forums complaining about it. Good times.


back in the day wine cellar incantations would drop from white bags rather than cyan, which meant that it was possible to get white bags from forbidden jungles!


Similar to this, in Puppet Master Theatre, you can find out if theres more trooms by paying attention to the artifacts spawned by the oryx puppet, if they stay for a bit theres more trooms, if they disappear right away its the last troom


Interesting. So it’s a similar situation to Old Abyss.


Numbered HP Pots.