What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


I actually bought one of those for 200 Decas in December of last year. Quite the rarity. I was also the person that suggested numbered HP pots be listed on the trading tab. I haven’t been able to find out how they were created, though. From what I heard, it was due to poor initial implementation of potion hotslots, but that doesn’t explain why there aren’t HP potions numbered 7-9, since hotslots used to have 9 slots. It also doesn’t explain why there aren’t numbered MP pots.


Just tried this and it didn’t work. Normal Puppet Master’s Theatre, 3 trooms, none of them had artefacts that stayed longer, each time they disappeared quickly – I was particularly paying attention hoping to confirm this as it would be very useful, but I’ll have to keep checking all paths I think.


That’s strange, because I’ve had this confirmed by several people. You also have to kill Puppet Oryx quickly, or the artifacts will despawn on their own. Otherwise, if there’s no TRooms they will disappear instantly.
Of course, there’s the chance that DECA patched this.


Which is funny, because before build 116.1 on June 1st, 2011, players could have numbers in their names.


A weird one, after UT trading was removed, there was a way to (sort of) do UT trading. The beach bum would drop one Davy’s key in a public bag, making it a public bag that could contain soulbound items for all to see. So, if you and someone else wanted to transfer some soulbound items, if you could find a Beach Bum, kill it without anyone else in the realm taking the key, then you could place soulbound items in the bag, which the other player could pick up, and vice versa. Wasn’t great for trading of course, because you would have to trust each other, but it was possible. Removed for ages now though, in case anyone was thinking about it.


You could also do it in Shatians with the public cloth bag


Curious… How/When did you first learn this?


Did anyone mention Tome Pally yet?

One of my favorite pieces of Trivia involves old shatters:
In old shatters the group would stand on top of the bridge sentinel. Although it didn’t matter where you stood, at one point it did. There was a bug where sentinel used to shoot stacked shots on the bottom of the platform but not the top. So naturally, the group stood above him and even after it was patched people just continued that.


I think from one of those “Weird facts about rotmg” type videos. One of the old realm youtubers did a series titled something like that. I think GHZD? I’m not sure though.


I learned about it in a Talwar video if I remember correctly.


I do remember that he talked about that in one of his videos


There is a single unique Blueprint that starts with “The”. Because there is a tier of Blueprints called Superior Blueprints, the Unique tier Blueprint for the Superior staff is called “The Superior Blueprint”.


I kinda love semi-mundane stuff like this


I was there for it. Lots of gay porn still burned into my retinas. (edit: just noticed I was replying on that linked thread :laughing:)

This happened when Nexus 2.0 just came out. Mind you, that was before it was called nexus.

Nexus 1.0 was an elongated hexagon, sorta like a symmetrical gem.

Two weeks later Nexus 2.0 had a three chamber version of the same, with portals in the center and the chambers to either side for chatting etc.

Two weeks after that we got the first modern-ish version, with a store and separate spawn and portal areas.


I started shortly before mithril swords were phased out (the originals not the reskin ones that dropped for a bit).

My fav ancient memory has to be of the huntress fanfic someone wrote. I don’t remember much of it, but for nostalgia’s sake would love to find and read it again. Spent days hunting it a few years ago but gave up! Was somewhere on the old wildshadow forums. If anyone can link it, I would be eternally grateful!


Not sure if someone has mentioned it, but back when “Treasures” used to drop, they would drop in a white bag. Incs also used to drop in white bags. I remember this one so fondly because my first ever white bag was a Golden Ribcage from Archdemon Malphas.

not my screenshot

Sort of related as well are Tarot cards, most commonly dropping from old LoD and Puppet Theatre, and no longer drop anymore.


Could you describe it? I might be able to dig it up eventually if it was archived.


When people died you could loot their graves for everything but UTs


Oh, that screenshot reminds me. Back in the day the Abyss boss room didn’t have an alter in the center. It was just a large room with random lava waves. The best part? When Malphas was defeated the loot bag didn’t create a safe spot on the ground, meaning loot could drop in a huge pool of lava, making it near impossible to retrieve. Required extra strategy to not make the run a waste. Fun times!


So random, in fact, that they’d sometimes just swallow the room whole and leave practically nothing to walk on. Just had to hope the 1-tile-wide walkways generated in a way that wasn’t completely horrible to reach Malphas with, and good luck actually dodging from there. There’s a great video or two of it out there somewhere (I think from zxcv?), though I’m struggling to find it right now.