What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?



In the past, there used to be no teleport cooldown when changing servers; players could immediately teleport after hopping into a new server realm. At one point, most people started using tools called “event notifiers” which would let them know whenever a desirable event spawned in some server (e.g. Cube God spawned in USEast.Medusa). Because of these notifiers, whenever a desirable event appeared anywhere in the game, that realm would quickly get filled with players who would pop in out of nowhere and steamroll the boss. The teleport cooldown was later added to combat this.

Also, massive godlands fame trains used to be very common. They were fun and I miss them. :cry:


Teleport cooldowns were implemented for this very reason as far as I am aware.


Precisely yes. Other changes helped also. HP scaling, additional phases, means events in realm and dungeon bosses no longer got instantly annihilated by a few godlike players teleporting in. Far lower soulbound thresholds ensure that you get SB, so get a chance at loot even when others do most of the damage. Also switching to Unity helped – I don’t know if it’s dealt a blow to notifier bots, but it’s put an end to some abuses people used to do maximum damage + steamroller a boss.

It wasn’t that long ago though – I think it was done by DECA so only in the last few years.


Oh yes. They were just great. Like an avalanche!


my obscure fact is that this whole time it’s been “spook boi” not “spooky boi”


Not true. This was posted before that post by about an hour.
This was posted a whole day before.
even earlier, except this was “spooky boy”

Although honestly I think it probably originated in some in-game chat.




rats i always thought that post catapulted the name into the community

oh well


Before the 50 player cap in you’d be able to get almost 200 players or higher in a single dungeon for events. Because of this, you had events like the ice tomb massacre wherein lag + stasised minions resulted in almost everyone in the dungeon dying simultaneously. Bringing this one up because I was one such unfortunate victim of the ice tomb event.


Droprates still depend on how many dragons you’ve killed.


Is that really obscure? I mean, if you play enough then you’ll get the unique Dungeon Mod for that dungeon Soul Boost: “Dragons will release their best souls upon death”, which means they all get their best drops, so normally they don’t all, depending on where they are in the order.

Possibly the way it used to work is obscure, now:

  • It used to be done by people shouting out, and whoever shouted first after a certain time effectively chose the order
  • there was no ramping up of difficulty, just two difficulties easy and hard. If you did black first you got hard and better drops
  • difficulty was highly variable. Blue and Green in particular were DPS walls which required a large group to take down normally – uniquely at the time
  • no teleports, just walls that disappeared. Except you teleported into the final boss fight, if you chose hard mode to enable. The final boss, which was easier than most of the dragons before it, was pretty unique


To be fair, this moreso used to be an obscure fact. I feel like a lot of people know it now. Also, “Dragons will release their best souls upon death” is a bit of a vague statement and doesn’t necessarily imply the whole system elaborated upon by Toastrz.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I remember there being a pet skin that was based off a mascot for a furry site (Not saying which one but if you know then you know.) and it was suppose to be released but then deca hastily took it out of the file, probably because they realized what the site contained. I believe someone has it saved within the RotMG subreddit


Yep, the E51x Bot Pet Skin, based off of the mascot of e621 “Esix”.


This one’s not that obscure, but on the World 2 Map there’s a place where you can easily see the edge of the map. Shots can’t pass this border.

Now here’s a thought: are there any enemies that spawn in the realm that replace tiles around them? because that would allow you to directly touch the edge of the map if you dragged them here. now THAT would be really cool.


The Keyper, or Skeyper, creates tiles twice, between his first and second phases and when he dies. The problem is he can’t be dragged outside of godlands/highlands – I’ve actually run into this when soloing him and dragging him away from godlands.

The Leprechaun though can be and often is chased to the edge of the map, and spawns tiles when he dies. But I think not large enough to reach that far, I think it would be a square short. If it spawned twice then maybe.

Almost certain that if you could touch it would just act like a wall. It’s something that can and occasionally has happened in dungeons due to bugs in map generation, causing rendering glitches but not letting people go into the area outside maps.


Yep, that’s the one


I remember back then, when deca release their first chest event, you have to kill every minions in the dungeon in order for the chest to spawn, i remember the udl chest event was particularly frustrating because you also have to activate traps that are really well hidden, some people died stepping on them, eventually deca changed it.


It’s a shame they don’t do events like that any more. I remember the UDL was at times frustrating yes but it would work much better now that UDL traps go off even if you go near them, and tend to always be fairly central. Other dungeons where you could use the minimap to find enemies never had the same problem.

It reminds me of another in-dungeon event there was, the Dungeon Leprechaun. Sort of like the Golden Rat in Sewers except he moved faster.

Shame they don’t do things like this any more, only chests and occasional after boss spawns (many of which now can appear any time in a dungeon mod). The problem with stuff that appears after the boss is it doesn’t really matter what dungeon it’s in. Apart from the fact that some of the mod spawn scale with dungeon difficulty Dimitus is the same wherever you encounter him, and seems entirely separate from the dungeon which you do the same way.

Events like having to clear the dungeon to get a chest, or find the Leprechaun for his loot, forced you to actually interact with the dungeon. Especially easier dungeons like UDL where you can ‘do’ the dungeon by just sitting at start waiting for someone to rush to the boss.