What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?


The “oryx_dress.jpg” in the rotmg iceberg is from when Kabam had a “realm romp” event on their twitter and they posted a photoshopped oryx in a pink dress.

Also red dragon wyvern eggs have “existed” (been present in the xml) but never dropped from anywhere.

Incs used to drop in white bags.

Probably a ton more I’ve forgotten over the years…


Haha, got any screenshots? that’s pretty cool


A whole lot of things used to drop in white bags that don’t any more. I have been taking screenshots of white bags for a long time, and many of the early ones are for things that drop now in cyan: Incs, Snakeskin Armor, Ammy, Treasures (the gold ones which no longer drop), Candy Ring.

At some point they realised that white bags were no longer as special; sometime after pets were introduced and made the dungeons they dropped from trivial. So they added cyan bags and chamged it so commoner whites dropped in them, mostly ones dropping from dungeons up to godlands ones, but also a few harder dungons like Davy, OT.


When graves were lootable and UT’s were public drops! And those damn shit blobs


Snakeskin armor and Cring dropped in white bags? Wasn’t aware of this and wasn’t able to find this on youtube despite an extensive search. Pretty cool if true.


No, sorry. I might’ve taken screenshots but I don’t remember where I posted them. If anyone else somehow happens to have been in that realm and has image/video proof, please post here.




I’m pretty sure they never did. Afaik the main change was

Ctrap, Resu, Plague, MRobe, Conducting Wand, Fulmi ->White

Treasure, Ammy, Inc -> Cyan


According to Realmeye “Loot Container” history and this: Patch X.18.0 Halloween Madness

Treasures went White --> Cyan --> Gold
Incantations went White --> Orange --> Cyan

This page agrees with you on the Ammy Cursed Amulet of Zombification

Couldn’t find much on Ctrap, resu, etc although I’m sure it would be possible to find on youtube



From 2014:


Resu in 2014:


That seems to be a white b/c of the inc and not b/c of the snakeskin though


Resu is a white in that screenshot and still is a whitebag though


Resu was always a white from what i believe and what I can find. Edit: What's the most obscure or old RotMG knowledge you know?

snake skin was 100% never a white. Whites were never common, snake skin has always been common.


I thought from your post you were saying it changed to white. I was pointing out it was always so, or at least as far back as 2014 which is before they moved some of them out of white bags.


Hm, it’s so long ago I obviously don’t remember. I was going by it being the one thing not in my inventory, and not the thing I would take out to pick up something else; plus now I’m careful to screenshot things while they’re on the ground if it’s safe. But I can’t know my thinking nine years ago !


I was going off of Mynamerr’s post:


Ah, sorry, misread who wrote that. I wasn’t trying to do a detailed rebuttal to it, just I recalled I had 9 year old screenshots of whitebags which might clarify things.


The Loot bag update was in 2014 http://archive.fo/vVfBH

On the old page of the wiki for loot bags from ~2013, you can see that resu was a cyan bag back then https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/loot-bag-types-and-contents/30