What's the name of the mana regen status effect?


the only place I’ve seen it used is as an occasional buff drop from enemies in Heroic dungeons… but I never actually learned what the name of this effect is. I’d like to know so that I can refer to it properly in my dungeon concept. thanks! :>


iirc it’s called “energized”, though now that I’m thinking about it I can’t remember that name ever being mentioned outside of testing. not sure why.


“energised” is what the pt thread about it says


good to know then, it’d be kinda weird to make a new status effect and then not tell anyone what it’s called.


honestly there should be a class that heals mana like priests heal hp. Kinda like a shaman or something, idk


It would use mana to heal mana? You could break the game with only 2 players, creating infinite mana heal.


smh i didnt think of that. Nvm


maybe make the healing thing net negative, like it cost more mana than it heals

Then 2 shamans cant break the game

Or make the ability cost hp instead of mana


I wanted to use this idea for a necro skull or tome but I scrapped it because I could not balance it


mana healing shouldn’t be added at all as a class ability, I can’t think of any ways it can be added without being either completely broken or being completely useless


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