Whats with event boss packed up with LS and others


why are event bosses even come with LS? almost near impossible unless all the people come in and steam roll. I can’t get close because of spooky boi is roaming around, people even complaining… we even had gship and LS before…

42 AM


we did it tho…


I think that a Ghost Ship isn’t even that hard to take down, even with the Spectral Sentry circling the arena.
Avatar and the Lost Sentry, however. Well done for even entering the arena there while they were both still active.


it think its because they share the same event spawn places

and the LS is a secondary event, so it will spawn whenever, unlike the ones that show up on the map as quest


we did it tho. wanna know how? let Ava sit in pillar and kill LS.

still we don’t want Ava and LS together


Avatar of the Forgotten King is the hardest of all Event God Quests and paired with the Lost Sentry, I can only imagine the hell you went through.


its actually the true bullet hell :slight_smile: combine it with spooky boi and u have a void entity


You might enjoy seeing some of the ones posted in this thread:


ooooo. I did read all of them, and dat was like.



I feel like they should patch it at some point though, although it’s amusing it could be really annoying at times.

(Ran into a sentry stacked on a nest event once.)


then u approach last lich to close, but it is close to lost sentry. then u be like:

wow. that will be that long.


Well, I definitely want to know why this happens SO much. I get event crossovers very rarely, except for when one spawns on top of the Lost Sentry. There must be some sort of bug.


Because people rarely do nest and sentry events so both of them usually last until oryx, therefore it’s very common for them to get stacked with another event. Meanwhile normal event dies right after they are spawned so normal event stack can only happen when multiple events spawn on top of each other at the same time.


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