What's Your Opinion Regarding Fame Trains


Lately, TrentOwl from Maximum Efficiency has been doing extremely efficient fame trains. Yesterday, it got up past 20 fpm.

What I’m asking is if you think fame trains are healthy for the game? I got my warrior to 14k legitimately, solo godlands, or doing dungeons. But last night, I got from 14 to 15k fame in an hour. This kind of trivializes my achievement of getting such high fame score all by myself. My end goal is getting 20k base fame, and past that top 50, 20 and 10 warriors in terms of fame. To this end I have decided to make use of the trains. Ever since the trains started I dropped from 190 to 220th place, and to let my “competition” have that advantage I can’t allow.


I’m conflicted about them.
On one hand, I think they’re unhealthy for the game, as it simply revolves around exploiting the game while using minimal effort required (with danger being entirely determined by RNG, and how actively a player actually is).

On the other hand, it’s also kind of a…well, get-together happening. Real big teamwork and the likes.

However, I do enjoy Deca putting more fame emphasis on dungeon bosses and event gods. It gives for a much more refreshing alternative than sitting in such mind-numbing hordes, as well as making much more sense.
Also, are these the reason I suddenly plummeted down to place 101 on the top Ninjas list?! Ugh!!


Unless you’re regularly soloing halls or nests, then the only real difference is that its a lot faster and a bit less fun.

Also it doesn’t change the achievement itself, it only changes how other people view it.


We got it up to 33 FPM.


It was patently rediculous. Insane fame.

That begs the question, should it exist? You bet in going to hop in those trains every chance I get but it kind of undermines the whole fame system, which was put in place so that dying isn’t all bad.


Fame Trains are great, hacking is not.


I don’t mind fame trains, even though they kind of diminish the value of fame since you can’t prove that you got all 14k or so fame through normal adventuring. Fame is used for pet feeding and fusing, and if I can now utilise that better through fame trains, I’d gladly take that opportunity

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  • healthy for the game
  • unhealthy for the game

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A video game community will always try to find the most optimal way of doing something in a video game. In this case, it’s an optimal way of getting fame.
If it’s in the game, I can’t fault them for it; I have used fame trains myself, anyways, and if Deca wanted to discourage people using fame trains to gather fame then they should make adjustments to the game likewise to encourage other methods of fame gain (not saying they haven’t, though, since they did up dungeon fame and such relatively recently, just looks like fame trains are still winning out with this fpm).

I am a little curious though as to how they’re getting this fpm; it seems like they’d need to be using pausing (well, simulating pausing, since actual pausing isn’t a thing any more), but I thought Fame Rush ran into problems with setting up simulated pausing using alts (as in, Deca told them it was against tos and to stop doing it).


I think the biggest problem with this is /follow command or whatever it is. From what I know of previous fame trains you could basically just not even play the game and still get fame very easily with a train, which is just not healthy as botting can allow you to afford to improve your pet more easily then really playing the game. This apparently also happens in LHs, which is not good either, but fame trains just make it so blatantly obvious and too easy.

If hacking isn’t involved I honestly don’t have a problem with it. I did lots of LHs and have tons of extra fame for it, and LHs are pretty much the reason trains died because they were so much better. If people can make fame trains efficient now fine, whatever. I would prefer for actual gameplay that isn’t just boring zero-skill running around glands, but other people doing that doesn’t affect me and if they aren’t getting an unfair advantage by botting/otherwise cheating then it’s fine. I’ll get my fame my way and you get yours your way, just choose an empty server and don’t be an asshole when I close the realm on a server that is consistently active and closes realms. You don’t deserve the server for yourself, so don’t act like you do.

From a game balance perspective, I honestly don’t care that fame training may be more efficient. You may get fame but you won’t be getting whites, and that’s pretty significant in the game so it’s a trade-off that semi-balances it out already. I’d still like not fame training to be the ‘best’ way to play, but the current situation isn’t awful.


It’s the botting and large scale client use that is the problem. A group of players doing godlands is not inherently bad.

If they’re actually one person with 95 bots/AFKers cheat-following them that’s when we get into wtf territory.

I’d like Deca to randomly go into the train every few days and purge the accounts of anyone doing this.


max eff stops the train every 20 mins or so and records the botters and gets tons of people to send deca the recording and list of names

weird considering finite openly admits to botting (i think)


If you fame train for white star I don’t agree with it, but it’s okay if your done with all your fame classes and don’t really have anything else to do to get on those leader-boards. With Trent’s trains there are A TON of botters. I’m not going into further detail because I don’t believe I am allowed to discuss hacks on this forum.


In terms of how useful fame is currently? I couldn’t give a shit.

In terms of how useful fame could be? They make it impossible to add useful items that can be bought with fame.

Once the Unity port happens I’d personally love to see a fame wipe so we could actually have items that’re able to be bought using fame.

Deca needs to find a way to completely remove fame trains from the game.


Something people fail to realize is the impact RealmEye has on the whole discussion of fame. Pre-leaderboards live fame meant very little, I mean you can’t even tell how much fame so-and-so’s character has on a normal client. Utility-wise fame has little uses and I don’t think most people have criticized someone for fametraining their pet level up. It’s when you start setting up a leaderboard (which is also restricted to 15 characters let’s not forget) that you start getting competition and arguments about legitimacy of fame gains.

If it were only the in-game leaderboards there’d be noticeably less trainers since at that point only the people willing to invest enough time to be top 20 would go for it.

Also random note about the medusa walls, it’s usually not a bug. It’s people deliberately (sometimes using a hacked client to selectively not kill medusas) dragging walls of medusas with the intent to kill.


My stance when it comes to video games in general is that when you get to the point where you’ve made the game become an unpaid desk job, it’s time to reassess your priorities.


How tf do hacked clients do that? Selective AutoAim or smth?


Manipulation of the hit detection


What mynam said

Idk if you were around but there were multiple fame exploits maybe 2 years back (?) that used this. One of them involved herding the big brutes in oryx’s castle (which spawn minions indefinitely) and having the client run overnight, only killing the minions so the brutes would keep spawning fRi ExP owo.




I never said my own way of playing this game hasn’t been seriously unhealthy.

In both cases you got someone using this game obsessively as a means of escapism.

The only real difference is that I care way more about the experience itself than any kind of maths or rankings. At the end of the day though, both approaches are inherently self-destructive.

However, if you’re not being too fucked up by your addiction and manage to play a game reasonably, then I think my approach is better, whereas the fame train approach will always require you to spend way too much time on the game and take it way too seriously.