What's Your Opinion Regarding Fame Trains


Fame training is easy. They should make the requirements to earn a point of fame higher. This not only makes it harder for people to fame train all the way to a certain amount of fame and it also makes it harder to hit a certain star color.


then people who run dungeons normally get hurt by a drop in fame gain

better to find a way to hamstring trainers only


Maybe by lowering the exp of godlands enemies? Just reward boss fights and nerf returns from easier sources to make harder, more involved content more worthwhile than running in circles for hours on end.


This would do nothing. No one cares about rank and it’d only increase the difficulty in levelling pets. If more xp is required to earn a point of fame, people will still just grind lh and trains


They get it up that high using idlers (technically multiboxing and exploiting by the tos) to manipulate spawns in glands. Trains were never supposed to be that good. The current fame train meta is entirely based off hacks and exploitative spawn manipulation, and ofc 50+ percent of the train being bots…

I miss when trains consisted of only humans and was a reasonable FPM (maximum of 10fpm, with most trains falling in the 6-8 range, so basically equivalent to a good halls run) that didnt require hacks or exploits to achieve.

So my opinion of trains is that they suck and deca needs stop idlers and famebotters…

Also running in circles for 16 hours a day is not good for your health, I know from experience :sunglasses:

Training is a cool little “get-together” in the game that does require some level of teamwork, and its something for players to do after they have gotten all items in the game, so I like the concept obviously, but I dont like what it has become. Not one bit.


This is necessary, and would not be difficult to do at all. I’ve actually sent tickets asking them to join the train for just 5 minutes to see how bad things have gotten, but they continue to turn a blind eye. We need a GM who actually cares enough (and is paid well enough) to moderate in-game.


Debatable on whether or not healthy for the overall experience.

100% useful to find the dungeons I need farm though (with a few exceptions)


on some clients there’s a feature that makes certain enemies completely invincible to your attacks, such as cubes, so you don’t lose certain fame boosts.


I’m under the impression that fametraining is very unhealthy for the game in the way it currently is. It all stemmed from a flawed system of how fame is supposed to work. There wouldn’t need to be an announcement for a possible fame purge by Deca if the system wasn’t constantly exploited. It’s the same reason as to why we can’t have fame purchases at all. Fame has become less about how long you can actually survive by playing the game the way it was intended, and more about how long before you get obliterated by a bunch of medusa grenades. In an ideal realm, there would be no reason for fame trains to exist in the first place. A full on rework of the fame system that is rewarding for players that can actually survive without sitting in a train would be great. A lot of the current fame bonuses just end up being incredibly rewarding to fame trainers and not casual players. Wanna keep your friend of the cubes or thirsty bonus? No problem, all you gotta do is just follow and listen to what raid leader says.


Why would they drag Medusas? A combo of ghost gods and slime gods would be MUCH more deadly.


medusas are the only god with a piercing projectile (the bomb) so they can kill multiple people
at once


Medusa walls are FAR more deadlier than just a simple wall of ghost gods and slime gods. Having all their bombs stack can insta-kill even players with the highest amounts of health.


Because ghost gods and slime gods can’t do this.


My poor ears.


Ents actually pierce too.


Oh Lord.


In that vid, does chat usually allow for that many messages? :thinking:


Maybe that’s a 2017 thing?


Looking back at old death thread screenshots, it looks like @ArexRew’s guess is correct.


i just looked at my fame gain over the last week:

this 4k was all on my warrior
a warrior that was a year old at 12k playing no train

this doesnt feel right