When Exactly was the 2013 Security Breach?


Does anyone know when SwatSecOne annihilated the Nexus? One of the wikis say it occurred on September 7, 2013, but I would like to know the actual time of day.

Just a quick question to you old-timers that experience it.




wasn’t it a full day attack? I had just temp quit right before it so don’t actually know.


It most likely was, but I was wondering when it began.


In the words of Guill, “Remember remember the 6th of September.”


Ah, the wiki probably has it wrong, then. All of the YouTube videos were uploaded on the 6th as well.


I don’t know how long exactly it was going on, but the nexus was full of monsters when I was playing from 2 to 5 pm middle european time


The actual killing of people’s characters part only lasted a couple hours. Then he started opening keys and spawning misc enemies (coral gifts) After that kabam shut down rotmg for like 3 weeks updating their security. When servers went online again everyone’s characters were revived and given like 1-2 free char slots.

Edit: Most of this happened when I was asleep so EU servers were mostly active.


1 day not 3 weeks

The long shutdown was in february 2014

1 char slot per dead char


Yea what @mynamerr said