When u Want that stheno skin


when u want that stheno skin but have no lucks >-<




You should post funny pictures here if you want.


You know, you won’t be able to collect the skin if you have no room for it… And I know your backpack is full of kendos too.


Y geb ring


I was expecting more of a shit load of speed pots, this works too I guess


everyone knows that it only works for slot 7


because of the wis modifier on the oreo, so i get a longer invincible time, if i had the resu, then i would have like 4-5 seconds of invincibility


Oh OK.


wait w0t.

Even with the highest possible wis a paladin can get the oreo only gives 2 sec of invincibility


alright so maybe it was an over estimate, but u get what im sayin


No I don’t actually.


y? -_-


Me no speak english


“over estimate” even though the duration of invincibility doesn’t change.


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