Where do I report hackers? I don't see anything on Deca's website


I was in a lair of draconis with one other person I had thought originally, but I noticed that we were killing the bosses really quickly. I then noticed there were 3 other players with us that I hadn’t noticed before… Looking at the other player again I saw they were closely being followed by those 3 players… Is multiboxing seriously still a thing? I even took a screenshot outside of the dungeon for the names. I have no actual proof this is multiboxing since I am unfortunately unable to actually record them doing so, but the names are on the bottom right.

The tagged person is not involved in the hacking.
Please let me know if there’s any way I can report them to deca.
Thanks everyone in advance.


I realized I didn’t put the picture in correctly, it’s fixed now…


They accept cheating reports on there^ too.


I dunno.


I’m aware of this, the post is to ask where could I report them.



Shoot 'em an email.


What site is that?


Oh, thank you!


No problem!


Thanks all for the info!


Hey look! Someone not reporting on here but instead asking how to do it correctly!

Nice to finally have a change (and not trouble the moderators about the thread)


Haha wtf how are people still multiboxing


Probably using the same “/follow” you find hackers using in the fame train.


But then they can’t shoot unless they have autoaim or whatever it is




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