Where is the ample space pack?


I was wondering where the ample space pack, yesterday when I checked it said it still had 2 days before and now a day later it’s gone.


2 days before it would be gone**


Have you tried clicking on the red bag icon at top left, while you’re in nexus or vault:

The one in this bit I mean:

(This screenshot is from an earlier offer in August)


Yes I have but it comes up with the 6 ambrosias


Hm yeah I’m seeing the same thing as you now, just the ambrosia offer. Not sure, then. There’s always a support ticket option, I don’t know if they would be able to sell you it via that route, or if the offer has just ended early and they’ll say no.

I’m sure Deca are shooting themselves in the foot not making their packs more easy to buy. “We want to give you our money dammit!”


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