Which one of these can I let go?


I’m trying to make room for my vault and these items are taking up space.
Screenshot%20(2242) Screenshot%20(2241)
I held onto them in case the events happen again.

Which one of these events will definitely never happen again? (Ignore the ST’s.)
Just talking about the event tokens.

Edit: Thanks, I confidently dropped all of them minus the ST’s and garments.


i would say get rid of:

  • Alien even usable
  • Heart and letter usables
  • Antinomy usables minus the armor things
  • reconstruction usables unless you want to wait a lot of time
  • mardi gras usable
    -and keep the rest.


I have ‘let go’ of all of mine: even if they reappear you are saving only a little time, assuming they work the same way, each being a partial set/stack which you didn’t have time to complete.

At a guess? The love letters which tie into seasonal Valentine events could re-appear in Feb so seem most valuable. The heart similarly, though I can’t remember how that fits in. The orb and coloured thing seem less likely they’re not as well established –I think each was only used once. The coins similarly.

Antimony gear hasn’t resurfaced so should re-appear in some form; probably not as a dedicated season, but they could use unlockers in the same way. Might be worth waiting to see what they do with them.

The rest seem highly unlikely. The Construction and Alien events were quite a slog, and I can’t see them repeating those in that way. Both types of items have re-appeared since without needing tokens. The Oryx token is very old – an old MotMG I think. MotMG now is more an excuse for releasing whatever new content they have, and each is different. I can’t imagine them revisiting one from years back.


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