Which Paladin Skin to use


I have these four skins, but i can`t decide which one to use. I would like to hear you guys honest opinion on each one and which one you would choose

  • Sworded Inquisitor Inqui
  • Herohero
  • Antinomityanti
  • Royal gladiatorRoyal%20Glad

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I’m a sucker for a cool face concealing mask/helmet and the royal gladiator looks better than antinomity


Cleaner Maid Pally skin gangggggg!!!


Hero is cleanist skin.


tbh, i`m not a fan of the joke skins




Your loss.


Hero skin has got a lot of colour and style to it, while remaining relatively clean and easy to visualise


the royal gladiator one looks really cool, but dyes on it sucks sadly


how is it a joke skin?.. cleaner maid skin is literally the best pally skin out there.


Flex on all those nerds with their cheaply-bought Valentine skins, and use a real scary thing to remind players of the shortest part of the Shatters.
May also bring back trauma to those who died to Gladiators.


I’m not seeing exalted or default as options, I believe you have made a critical error.


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