Which UT/ST do you want the most?




America ring :frowning:


jugg for my warrior
qot for my archer


ogumr all the way!


dirk of cronus


America Ring


dancing prism
upcoming new st archer armor


Either Admin bow or Creator ring.

If I have to choose one over the other it’s creator ring.


my favorite ring lol atm


dunno whats with people wanting creator ring, forgetting about the one and only. Crown.

using a crown with an Oreo will make you invulenrable for 7 seconds at the cost of 120 mana. but that doesnt even matter since the 750 wis fully refils your mp in 3 seconds. also giving you 20 speed, attack and 60 vit you can rock a paladin petless.

another is using a sorc with the scepter of devestation. at 775 wisdom you’ll be doing around 8000 damage per shot targeting 37 targets… or take it a step further, using the Cnidaria Rod you can reach up to 11500~ damage on the last scepter hit. which will be targeting 77 targets. doing some quick maths…

if you stand in the godlands and you hit spacebar, you will be dealing 598,975 damage. with a singer ability use. thats 600 thousand damage in an instant (considering you actually hit 77 targets, probable in the godlands) now tell me this isnt just mind blowing. creator ring? PSHT. ill choose a crown over it any day


I waited like 10 minutes for you to type this reply lol xD

Realistically I want a jugg, b/c jugg is still my favourite item ;-;

@Kiiua yes lmao, i wanted to be your number one fan so i was looking at this page while running halls xddd


XDDDD were you just sitting there?

@Unicorn you have long ways to go my child - but worry not you will make it one day!

@Unicorn also jugg is overrated ;-; realistically i want a bunny helmet. the thing haunts my dreams


creator’s ring comes with 5000 ATK and enough VIT to make you unkillable

crown does not

don’t need a 7 second oreo when nothing can make your HP bar budge anyway


that would be the omni.


Ogmur all the way.


just kinda rather think outside of the box. rather have fun than just. being basically godmode all the time.

thats what kills the fun in most games when you’re mod / cheat. it makes playing the game obsolute. allows you to skim over some limitations and boundaries that were otherwise impossible to surpass, but that really shortly turns bland too and you drop off


pretty sure having creator ring equipped makes any tiered bow an admin bow


The Bulwark.

Two accounts, nine years, and hundreds upon hundreds of snake pits later, and I still haven’t attained it.


Having a creator ring with an admin bow on the otherhand…


1 account, 1 year, 3 bulwarks and 1 reskin (reskin from an event chest tho)
I have scrnshots of each drop