Which UT/ST do you want the most?


Helm of the Swift Bunny so I can make a Reisen themed warrior


lol less than one year im rich, and i have both reskin bulwark and normal bulwark i would say about 500 snake pits


That doesn’t mean that he has one. He’s probably just got really unlucky, stop being so insensitive.

Back on topic, I got the reskin QoT and even though I said

I have done to the realization that QoT is garbage. Thr cooldown hampers it too much.




qot is bad but fun to play with and honestly the best quiver is quiver of shadows everything else is situational plus quiver of shadows is good for like everything. qot is only good in nest


Jugg :slight_smile:


u rite. quiver of shadows best for rushing, sniping, paralyzing, slowing, dazing, and getting all shots of quiver in without hugging enemy. ofc.




To be fair you don’t need to get all the shots in to get lots more damage than elvish but paralyze and daze are just too good in most cases.


in less than a year i got 3 bulwarks and 1 reskin. about 700 pits as of today.


Most wanted ST:Shendyt%20of%20Geb
Most wanted UT:hjpl1lO


ST: Toga picta, i need to complete the set
UT: breastplate of new life


Wonder why


I want all of these


Doesn’t want jugg smh


I got 1 b4 I don’t need again ill just wait another yr for another pumpkin jugg cuz I died with last


Quit at one point because I couldn’t get a resu.



partially because I’m gonna seriously lose my mind if I get another void quiver or sourcestone before getting something I actually want, and partially because there’s a real tangible benefit to getting one for me: you need +9 wis from your armor/ring/wand in order to be able to instakill 2 gods in glands with a scepter of devastation. (+8 to instakill 1 and cripple a second). because star mother and shendyt both only give +7 and all the wands that give wis suck, I can’t get around needing a wis boosting ring to hit that threshold. atm I use ring of the covetous heart as a swapout, but if I get omni I can use omni/star mother for my set and not have to worry about carrying ring swapouts anymore. the same can be said for the cultist ring so I want that too, but omni looks much nicer than whatever the heck that thing is supposed to be, and offers additional bonuses.


Either a bplate or mercy’s bane, I consider these the best armors in the game. Especially with a magical lodestone. Bplate lets you risk more, with a nice dps boost from potato. With mercy’s bane you have to play more carefully but you get insane dps.


Warrior with Dblade, mbane and crown/potato can solo break the ddocks eye wall