Which UT/ST do you want the most?


Run encores when an event is up, tshot is infinitely better, from an archer main.

UT: literally any of the event whites other than QoT, Kage, or the Crystal whites.

ST: I’d like to get one of the archer STs when it comes out, I have the majority of the rest.


Kendo stick


no jugg omegalul


is that an insult? >:(


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Now I has a Deca, Oreo time!


Tshot, Quiver of Shadows, Nil, and Bloodstone for a Heavy Archer.

Cutlass, Scutum, Zaarvox’s Heart, and Drakefyre Amulet for a Sonic Knight.

My dream is to boot up the game and see these 2 sets on my Character Select screen.