Which wakis are actually decent?


Ngl I don’t really know much about which ut/st wakis are actually decent, have a bunch of them but would appreciate help on which ones I should actually use, or use as forge power


Crossing fires: Good damage, but awkward to use, and if you have a T7, use that instead (I will assume you do not though)

Eastern Winds: Very good damage and expose length, keep it.

Gemstone: My personal favorite, because you don’t need to aim it, but it’s decent at best except for a few specific situations.

Ryu’s Blade: Keep it, it’s good.

Watarimono: I’m not sure how good it is tbh


I say it’s an upgrade from Crossing fire.


I think the new Cube Wakizashi is good and you should definetly have the Lib Waki handy


As an owner and user of both I would say it’s a direct upgrade from crossing fire as long as you don’t need to expose debuff or crowd clear. It shoots a little bit differently but easy to get used to especially with the longer range.

I’d use as a main & crossing fire as switch at bosses. Remember it only hits one enemy.


Crossing fires: Outclassed in every way by T7. (T7 has more range, less mana cost, better stats on equip, and more damage)

Eastern Winds: Good for landing and keeping up expose on a boss, but it is harder to land ALL shots, meaning less damage. Would rather roll with T7 IMO

Gemstone: Looks cool, but in use it doesn’t feel too good. The damage isn’t too good in my experience using it, and it is hard to land hits with it against some enemies. It can be fun for some low tier dungeons, but I generally feed/use it for item forge now.

Ronin’s Wakizashi: Inflicts slow, a must have utility item for samurai IMO.

Watarimono: I’ve had my eyes on this waki, never had it personally but going off the numbers it does 3 more damage/MP than the T7 waki. It even has .6 increased tiles of cast range. Downside is that it doesn’t pierce targets or inflict expose. Oh, also, it doesn’t give any dex on equip, so I think I would still roll with a T7 instead.

Ryu’s Blade: Another I have yet to get, but it seems good. Armor piercing and a VERY generous range. I would probably carry this as a swapout.

Shadow Serpent Sidearm: Never had it, can’t even really give my opinion on it since the shot pattern is so unique. Looks like it would be good for dragging enemies into it, but that’s really it. No idea though

Amaterasu: The oryx shard UT. Factoring in the 20% chance of not consuming mana, average mana cost comes out to 96MP. 2600 average damage giving us a damage/MP of 27. Rivals the T7 in efficiency, and has a bit more cast range, but you don’t get stats on equip unless if you are running the rest of the set. Also note that because the shots spawn in a circle around your cursor, this waki is notoriously hard to use since it can be blocked by walls on all sides. Again, would rather run T7 over this, but if you have T6 then this would be a better option IMO.


You mean Ronin’s Wakizashi?

Pretty OP IMO but some Discords banned it :confused:


I see a lot of people talking about how t7 is very good, would t6 be good also? And thanks so much for all the helpful replies :smiley:


T6 is just the best tradable counterpart that’s all.


Yes but others have said that t7 is better than a lot of them and was wondering if it would also be better


For some reason the T7 waki scales super hard compared to other abilities. It has a damage/MP of 27, whereas T6 waki has a damage/MP of 22.5. You get a 20% increase in mana efficiency, or a 30% increase in damage depending on how you like to look at it. Don’t forget the extra +20HP/MP and +1 dex on the T7 waki. Actually crazy how much better it is.

Anyway, comparing T6 to these would result in a different outcome. You can swap T6 out with crossing fires and only miss out on a little bit of damage/mana and a couple DPS stats, but you get a bigger burst of damage in return. If I had all UT/ST wakis, and my other option was a T6, I would personally run Watarimono (Very high single target damage and range) and Eastern Winds (Expose). You can really swap out the T6 with whatever though and not miss out on much


To give some thoughts about the S3 (Shadow Serpent SIdearm), it’s quite a nice waki when you’re fighting in enclosed spaces, since the shots originate from yourself.
This also makes it quite useful when fighting enemies that move in a relatively predictable pattern, or when you want to get rid of chasing minions.

However, the lack of any stat boosts make it a bit more of a swapout than a mainstay waki - kinda like with Watarimono.
At least, until I can somehow convince Kidd to give it 10 attack on equip. Trust me, that’ll definitely get in if there’s a new item balance patch :^3


Oh yeah you’re right Ronins, sometimes I mix them both too


Having never had t7 or watimoro, I felt the 3d waki gave me the best overall damage (much easier to use than xing fires) with a solid expose. If there isn’t another samurai around I would never choose watimoro based on the stats, though.

Eastern winds is great for consistent debuff, having both a good duration and generous hotbox (though as mentioned, it’s pretty hard to hit max damage). Ryu’s is fun and does give you a little more range, but unless you are using ray, I’d take another waki. It’s damage is good on high def targets, but the sweetspot for hitting all shots is shorter than tiered wakis and fairly precise.

Ronin’s is highly underrated imo. It takes a little getting used to to use well, but has a very efficient mp/slow duration once you get the hang of it. Great for small fungals/nests.

So in summary I would personally recommend 3d (or t7 based on the discussion here) as a main and eastern winds/ronin’s as swapouts.


I just did a samurai PPE and got myself eastern winds, it is practically a direct upgrade from tiered unless you have t6/t7. Very easy to hit, you get a long expose, and +5 speed is always nice.


Some discord’s ban it because expose means the group does a lot better dps than one samurai doing a little bit more dps


best one :flushed:


It does indeed technically have the best expose/mp. Also vnice sprite change on self :rofl:


Watarimono got buffed with this recent update, and I finally managed to get one about a week ago. It is great. I keep imagining a new player killing an Oasis giant and getting this item- oh man! It would blow their mind this thing CHUNKS HP from enemies! 3 uses and you kill Stheno from 100 to 0. With the recent update, the MP use is down to 80 making it even more efficient!

It is not without cons, however. Because the shots spawn from the left AND the right side of your cursor, it can be pretty hard to use in a lot of places. It is also kinda hard to hit moving targets with it too. No expose or pierce too, or dex on equip.

It was good before, but after this update I will definitely carry it with me. From 30 damage/MP to 37.5 damage/MP, it is the best at single target damage and worth using. (Do note that T7 will still offer more DPS if your group doesn’t have an expose already, and if you are using enforcer the +7 dex from the T7 waki will even outperform the watarimono’s increased single target damage. Not to mention that T7 pierces and is easier to land shots with.) (Calculations done with a level 90 MP pet. With a max divine Watarimono will offer even more DPS, but with lower level pets you are better off using T7 since you can’t spam the ability as often. The +7 dex will provide more value to you)

Also going to drop my thoughts on the rest of the set. The katana was fine before, it was basically a better T12 katana since it scaled better against def and had a tad more range. Now it has T13 damage. The rest of the set gives you a lot of mana to spam the waki with, very fun

37.5 damage/MP, #1 at single target DPS. Rivals T7 in this regard. Use over T6 100%, use as swapout with T7


Try it with Resu and watch Waki’s damage goes brrrrrrrrrr