White bags that haven't dropped from an event yet


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Really? Which one, and when?


The good Mayhem whites (Jade, Clarity, MGCloak) drop from the event, but the vanities do not. Mad God Mayhem is a dungeon with vanity drops, but like BNexus the vanities have never dropped in either an event chest or a boosted drop rate event (unlike the rest of the whites)

EDIT: Wait crap, by this logic I think the Biff Whites don’t count



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Anatis dropped from a manor event once


Actually the red and blue bee quivers have not been in a chest, only the yellow one went in the nest chest


I believe he is counting the 2X event white drop rate as an event, otherwise whites like vile trap, conflict, etc would not be counted.


FTFY no nasty Reddit link required to see CC was in the Ice Tomb chest!:

Yep it did:



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water robe and ep dropped in an encore event about 2 years ago.


Confirmed, in: Puppet Encore Chest Event & Dungeon Opener Raffle (Dec 9 to Dec 12)


unfortunately I have never seen conflict in a chest event, nor any part of the void & cult set. This also goes for normal EP and planewalker.


Not a chest event, but double event white event.

Also EP dropped in that encore event apparently.


no way, where?


Conflict in the 2x event white event from MOTMG this year

As for EP, refer to Nevov’s confirmation


Would it be clearer/useful to perhaps mark the ones that have only been in the ‘2x’ event differently?

Could use a second colour for them (so some items might get both lines marked on them)? Or have the ‘2x’ items red line but diagonal the other direction, so if it’s been in chest+‘2x’ it’d get a cross?

As it is kinda misleading at first glance to see the ‘2x’ marked the same as chest items and jump to conclusion that all of them marked have been in a chest.


Ok, I’ll modify that along with previous changes